My Tribe: OBX Bachelorette

I am coming off of one of my most treasured weekends. Much attention to detail was paid in order for me to enjoy my most favorite of things and just relax. I spent 48 hours in one of my dearest places, with some of my most beloved people.

This is the tribe. These are the girls I talk to weekly if not daily. They make time and want to be a part of things, automatically, even in the midst of their extraordinary busy lives. They are my safe space. No one judges and no one is easily offended. No two are the same. As I prepped myself for the weekend away, I found myself reflecting on the uniqueness of each woman and my one of a kind relationship with them. The length of friendships range from 5 years to 30+. They have embraced each other over the years and jumped in with two feet from day one, including the newest member, my soon to be sister in law.

At surface, you may think this group seems vastly different. Some mothers, some runners, some wives, and some business owners. But there are two characteristics they all share that sets them apart.

  1. They all are Christians.
  2. They all live brave, bold lives they are carefully crafting along the way. These women dare greatly as Brene’ Brown would say. They chase dreams, goals, and accomplishments many only talk about.

As our weekend kicked off, I couldn’t help but toast them. Over the years they have thrown birthday parties, supported my business, listened to dating horror stories, and gushed and celebrated with me when I finally met Jason. My tribe is large. They are strong. They are solid. They are party planning masters! Over the past several months, they’ve lovingly collaborated, organized, and nailed an engagement party, a pajama party, and now a bachelorette weekend. As per their usual, they truly have gone above and beyond showing kindness and offering help.

What made it so great…

A bachelorette party at 39 is probably very different than you may picture for that of a 20 something. I spent hours lounging on a couch or in a beach chair.

Beach Things

I rarely used my phone. I was surrounded with special girlfriends. I sipped plenty of my signature spicy skinny margs. There was plenty of snacking, some cursing, and a fair dose of praying. I wore make up once. I tackled a morning workout on the beach.

There was Cherry EVERYTHING! We even enjoyed an afternoon viewing of SATC, followed by a dinner out, an on trend bride to be sash, and a bottle of Veuve. You could say, these girls get me.

The next month will be busy and full of appointments of every kind. I may have come back completely tired, but in my own way I am energized to push through the final mile of this wedding planning while running my business, and prepping to wife up!

It is an honor for me to share not only my upcoming special day but these past few months with these gals. I have fallen deeper in love with them all.

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