The New Normal: Running and Routine

As Thursday emerged I woke with my eyes and heart completely focused on the weekend. It’s almost back to school and back to routine for many families around our beach town. But first, a few days off for living, loving, and running, as my J&A Friends say, is right around the corner. I sat at my desk and focused on my office work but couldn’t help but turn some attention to a fun blog project that would take shape Friday afternoon….can we say Instagram takeover (follow on FB and Instgram this afternoon for details)!


I journaled a few mantras on a post it and stuck it to my monitor.  These words had everything to do with life and I immediately noticed they equally had everything to do with running.


I focused on the positives and was reminded of my purpose when it comes to the sport. It is not to win. It is not to get from point A to point B. It simply is a way for me to feel free. It can be a way to release: worry, prayers, energy. It is a way to spend time and share space with those I love. It is my time to create. It is a time to be relentless in pursuit of many things. It is mine.

I sat back in my chair and reflected. Was my new routine the new normal? The hours in my day are spent and divided up differently differently now, but the goal is still the same.

To move, to give, to love, to show gratitude 


I have the power to control ALL of these things. How I move? How I give? How I love? What I choose to find gratitude in?  This weekend I will challenge and change my mindset to focus on all those things. I will live, I will love, and of course I will run…shaking up my Saturday long and slow but adding the Rock n Roll 5k to the mix instead. Such a perfect time to seal my intentions with a run.

 I’m adapting. I’m thriving. I’m normalizing. 


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