Never Surrender The Sweat

Picture that song in your mind. You know the one. Every time you hear it you get fired up. I mean you get like a flash of energy, inspiration, maybe even boarder line rage. It’s your fight song. One of those songs you never change when you hear it on the radio. The lyrics speak to you and if you hear that song on a workout…you just go!
Wednesday night I entered the spin studio for the first time in months. I was well aware of what I was getting into which is why I felt a bit uneasy. Knowing I am out of my usual cardio shape, I have been easing back in slowly and on my own terms. I have been staring at the spin schedule for weeks. Finally mustering up the nerve, I was feeling brave enough to enter the high sweat and high intensity zone.  The class did not disappoint. High sweat, a jamming playlist and a touch-back / push-up combo that took me a few times to find my groove. As the class ended I felt fulfilled and with just one song left I was ready to leave it all on the bike. And wouldn’t you know it…it was that song. My fight song and I think what may now be my Shamrock 17 training theme song.
I’ve been battling with my fitness. The relationship has been struggling. I have almost been rebelling against it completely. Boycotting it and all it stands for. This unhealthy, but come to find out, normal at times outlook has brought me to my knees and on to my yoga mat often allowing myself time to slow down. Slowly, I’m finding my space somewhere in the middle of both sides of the spectrum. With the help of my girlfriends encouraging me and an empty schedule with time to experiment with workouts, I am regaining my strength but more importantly my desire to push.
In theme with other lessons in 2016 I’ve learned it is ok to walk away. To take time. To make time. Your heart will always bring you back to where it feels peace and power. On this day I found it on a bike.
What if I say I’m not like the others?
What if I say I’m not just another one of your plays?
You’re the pretender
What if I say I will never surrender?
Foo Fighters

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