My Purpose Is Anything But Petite: 5 Years

One cold winter day in December 2011, I purchased an early model iPad, a domain name, and a half marathon race registration. All hell was breaking loose around me, both personally and professionally which caused me to loose all motivation for exercise and pretty much anything else that brought me joy. I found myself at a crossroads of choice. I knew the only thing that could break me free from those chains was to train. Train I did for the Shamrock Half Marathon. In a world that seems so foreign to me now, before a training team…before a tribe of my own…I set out alone in what felt like the Wild Wild West to log my miles. With the training came writing and I captured every step of that Shamrock journey along the way. In that, The Fit Petite was born. During that time I also began sessions with a therapist who I grew to love. I uncovered and healed many wounds from my thirty years. 16 weeks later, I had cultivated an online audience and completed the race. I emerged on the other side both physically and spiritually stronger.

The desire to both run and write continued.

Over the past five years I have acquired my ACE and RRCA certifications. I spent two years in a studio setting where I spent time working one on one with clients, developing my craft, and understanding how the body works. I found my niche in championing individuals when resistance and obstacles hit us hard.  Throughout this time I embraced my own ideals and philosophies in this ever evolving lifestyle.  Personally I explored yoga and weight training and appreciate the need for both. Professionally I discovered talents in both fitness, writing, and marketing.

Five years later and I find myself at that familiar pivotal point of choice. Back then, I stood in this tough spot alone. There are similarities in this space, but more powerful still are the differences.  Now there is faith in finding my light. I am rooted and I have a tribe around me this time to accept, motivate, encourage, and support my spirit.

The skills and foundation are there.

I recently put myself though an audit: no aspect of life was spared. Friends, sleep, finances, volunteer opportunities, fitness expectations, and even my day to day job responsibilities. In that, a set of choices surfaced. Decisions were made.

In honor of this 5th blog birthday, I am spending some time learning and embracing my own imperfections and expectations. I have a new found appreciation for time spent quiet and Brene’ Brown. Moving less towards a destination and more intentionally in the now.  I have come to associate myself with a list of words that will indefinitely be in edit. Today it reads: fierce, faithful, imperfect, student, coach, proud.

I have written the last five years and the story still continues.

My desire for dream chasing lives on. Crafting the life I get to live as it challenges the life I want to live. Drafting my own definitions to words like restorative, family, and work. A fitness fan who is on a first name basis with my Chinese delivery driver and local barista. A girl who can always find a reason to order another cocktail with her girlfriends. Someone who enjoys time lost in the trails and the sand. A homebody who enjoys hours of SATC reruns and time in pjs. (#ImACarrie)

I’m not Becky w the good hair, nor am I the blogger with the most perfect grammar and spelling 100% of the time. I’m a faith slinging, guns blazing, goal chasing woman. Passionate about my purpose and it is anything but petite. I have been given a gift that I must share. A love for living a sweat-filled, soulful life. My place to share this gift is here. On this site.

There is something beautiful that happens as you get older. You really discover who you truly are meant to be. You care less about what others think of you. With five years under my belt, I know what the purpose for myself and this site is.

Thank you for sharing part of your faith and fitness with me.  I look forward to sharing more miles, posts, and petite-ness with you.

xoxo TFP

 A toast

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  1. Abby Jayne Faison Balderson

    I’m in the car a lot. LOVE Brene Brown.


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