My Last Single Girl Blog

It’s Sunday. The Sunday before our wedding. I knew this post would come. I’ve felt it bubbling up for a few weeks now, I kept telling Jason it was on the way. It’s such a strange feeling. It’s monumental. Surreal. Comforting.

It’s here. Just days away now from our wedding. Although my life immediately changed for the better the day Jason and my eyes met a couple years ago.

It was on a run a few weeks after that, where my heart opened to him. Instant peace. Connected. It was instinctive. There were never any second guesses, doubts, or fears.

We’ve celebrated our love and the miracle God did by creating it ever since. That’s what this wedding will be, a celebration!

Big, shiny, full of people who have loved us. Our favorite foods will be served and our favorite tunes will fill the air. It deserves the biggest party of all and that’s what we’ve planned.

This marriage deserves it. We’ve waited a long time for it and we feel it should be…must be celebrated!

This blog started a long time ago with a completely different set of circumstances. A single girl battling life, with little money, starting a business, no worthy prospects of love, and a passion for fitness. Yet, she had faith, even on her darkest of days. I’ve written all about it and shared it with you here for 8+ years. The posts and prayers have been countless.

In that time, there’s been many mentions of God. And only one mention of love. I knew when I first shared Jason in this blog space with you, that he was here to stay. He belonged. He was, shall we say, from the same tribe.

I hope my stories of faith and fitness inspire single girls everywhere. For me, there were no pioneers for doing single in the over 35, Christian, boss babe space. My struggles have taught me patience and brought an immense amount of self worth. Of value. My faith muscle grew 10x.

My advice for single women: find happiness where you are now. It is up to you to build the life you want. Get strong. Ask God for help. Start now. Be okay with wanting more while appreciating your current state. If you are working towards a goal, feel deserving of it. Send contagious, joyous, grateful energy into the world. Expect it in return. Settle for nothing less.

The circumstances life will serve up are constantly changing. New workouts, new meaning to worship…and now wifehood. I’m so proud to marry Jason. I’m so excited to see what adventures we will pursue next. I know a few things we hope to tackle and I look forward to sharing those adventures with you here. We eagerly anticipate God’s vision for us too.

My blog plans have already started to spiral for what is next. The faith and fitness we share a love for is in the forefront. The Fit Petite is still my space to share it all with you. My reasons for sharing are different now. The boundary of knowing what to keep sacred is firm.

I’m signing off one last time as a Miss. But know this is just the beginning of my next chapter.

I’ll be back in a couple weeks to share what’s knew in the way of being a wife, wellness, and everything in between! 



  1. Jeff Horton

    I’m one proud father!


  2. Judi Rogers

    You are one wise gal! God bless you and Jason…


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