Monitor Your Intake: Nutrition And Information

It is Sunday morning and once again I find myself snuggled in with Jason, our dog, fresh coffee, and Steven Furtick. Our Christian faith is a big common bond that brought us together and watching Sunday morning church is a ritual we have enjoyed the past year. Today’s message was fantastic. I took so many notes ( that I will share with you below) and changed the title of this blog post so many times.

It has been two weeks since I began a new nutritional program. I have been chronicling it on IG and in previous posts here and here. Giving up wheat, gluten, and most dairy has been easier than expected. With so many new recipes to try and so many alternatives, I have been having fun experimenting. Jason has been having fun taste testing. I am also extremely grateful for so many of our local restaurants (Taste, Baker’s Crust, Nawab) offering GF options. Azar’s has always been a favorite for us and it has moved it’s way to the top of the list after Jason picked up dinner for us Saturday and grabbed a GF piece of chocolate cake for me as a surprise treat…let me just say! Whoa!

A quick update on my health since the new program. I still remain vertigo free. I had a couple small headaches last week, but it might have been triggered from a change in barometric pressure, sugar, or some anxiety that kind of came out of nowhere (more on that coming…). But after days of Jason lovingly commenting that he noticed my body was changing (leaning out and tightening up) I decided to take some measurements and compare to the last time I took them (two weeks ago, when I began).

It turns out, he was right! While my weight and BF numbers are the same, I have lost nearly an inch off my bust and waist and .5 inch from my booty! Hallelujah! Case in point that the scale only tells part of the story 🙂

Now back to that anxiety…last week I had an over active sense of doom and gloom…and there is absolutely no reason for it. I am happier than I have ever been! I think that somehow seemed to cause fear. A sense of worry that it could all go away. By Friday I had enough of this and pulled out every tool I had in my toolbox.

  1. I began the day in prayer and meditation. I listened to calming music, wrote prayers, asked for pray, and read verses on peace.
  2. I had coffee with a friend and was grateful for her listening ear.
  3. I was already scheduled to meet with Mom so I shared my feelings with her. It turns out, her week went similarly. We were scheduled to interview a possible wedding vendor that afternoon and before we went in, we joined hands and Mom lead us in prayer.

The meeting went great and we both woke up Saturday feeling more peace!

By the time I made it to this morning, I was feeling back to myself. Anxiety at bay, but God was still speaking to me with the service on tv. Que Steven Furtick…His message was on battling anxiety. Hello, I am all ears!!!! His tips:

  1. Intake: What are you taking in? Not just nutritionally, but informationally. What notifications do you get? Which ones do you pay attention to? What is in your feed? Who do you allow to deliver information to you? We can’t take in all the information and still have a place for God. Just as you are mindful of what you fill yourself with nutritionally, don’t become too full of unnecessary things not serving you…those empty calories! Before I can change what I take in, I need to know what I’m taking in. Are you keeping a food journal? What about a journal of your thoughts?! Reserve space for peace!
  2. Imbalance: What is your sense of priority? How about urgency? Be careful what makes it’s way onto your urgency list. Where are you saying yes to?
  3. Boundaries: Food can drain your energy. Information and media can steal your positivity. People can drown your faith. Put on a barrier! Limit exposure, just as you would the sun!Say no. That no is actually a yes to something that is more important. 

I’m spending a lot of time on my nutrition each day. The question I ask myself this morning is this “Am I spending as much time on my emotional health as my physical?” “Am I giving weight to the right things?”

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