Minimizing The Damage Of Doubt: 3 Things I Am Trying

I started the day with a solid sweat session. One that included both cardio and strength. It was one that filled me spiritually. One of those workouts that leaves you feeling strong.  Soon after, I was headed off to my favorite type of work day:  client coaching sessions packed with marketing strategy, social media, and even a new company launch. Three different business owners who trusted me to help guide them on their journey. Even after a day that packed a power punch of positivity… how is it that there were still moments of doubt?

On Monday my body felt tired.  Weeks of grinding in both work and play. I found myself napping and Netflixing the day away. It was much needed and something I often encourage many of my fitness followers to do. Take a day of rest! It is imperative for overall health and wellness, not to mention performance.  I opted out of my workout and even turned down two invitations for gym time. I knew that rest was more important than time spent sweating, yet…I felt somehow guilty or less than. I struggled. I doubted myself. Was I lazy? Would I hit that spring fitness goal? How will I ever kick that nagging sugar habit? That same afternoon, I learned I was picked over for a social media project I was hoping to work on. The doubt came in like a flood, stronger than before. Am I not as good at this as I thought? Are my rates too high? Could I be better? I can’t seem to get this question out of my head. Where do I draw the line between acceptance and wanting more?

Doubt can be damaging. 100% self destructive! I do not think doubt is as much the problem as is the way we handle it. I think we need to look at it differently.  We might not be able to take doubt away, but we might be able to minimize the damage it causes.

Once again, running has taught me an invaluable lesson…

Visualization and the power of positive thinking play BIG in the running world. We can manifest a race outcome simply but what we believe about it. When we enter a race feeling confidant in our ability, we are more likely to look at the outcome of that race as a win no matter what the clock may tell us. When we enter the race paralyzed with self doubt, we have already lost.

During my recent trip to Albuquerque, I heard a story of doubt and was reminded of the power of faith. Faith is stronger than doubt. Danny Mackey, Head Coach of the Brooks Beasts Track Club faced his own number of challenges before landing in his current role. Even working in product development for another popular shoe company left him completely unfulfilled. He wanted to coach. He had been faithfully applying to coaching jobs (200+), only to repeatedly get turned down. It was a matter of his own faith that kept him in steady pursuit of coaching. Doubt was strong, but his conviction and faith for his calling was stronger. This March was his 5th season at coaching at altitude with The Beasts. He has now successfully coached some of the fastest talent on the track including:  Olympians and World Record Champions.

“A former Hansons-Brooks runner and Olympic Trials qualifier, Mackey is now the head coach and manager of the Beasts. His Master’s degree in Exercise Physiology and Biomechanics helps power the science behind the team’s success.”
Pictured here (second from the left) in Albuquerque post trail run.

Doubt is another word for fear. We may be afraid. Being afraid is acceptable. Fear is intense and not something we can control. Fear is strong, remember…faith is stronger. You can’t take the doubt away, but you can minimize it’s damage on your spirit. Here are a few tips I am using to tackle my fear today and the next time it creeps in.


1. Acknowledge it. Do NOT try and stuff it deep inside. Do NOT deny the feeling. Doubt is normal. When you identify your fear, you can plan your attack against it.

You can be a little afraid and a lot faithful! 

2. Tell|Share|Pray. Releasing the fear gives faith a greater chance of catching it.

3. Do the thing that makes you afraid anyway.


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