Meet Jess

jess-8Jess Horton is equal parts Christian, coffee drinker, and cardio lover. Born and raised in Hampton Roads, she grew up in a home where faith and fitness were important parts of daily life and development. Jess comes from an education and marketing background. In 2011 she combined her passion for fitness and her professional skill set to create The Fit Petite by Jess Horton, a health and fitness website designed to bring encouragement to individuals as they pursue the sweatfilled, soulful life they deserve.  Jess is an ACE  Certified Personal Trainer and an RRCA Certified Running Coach.

 ”I have a love and passion for living a healthy and fit life. I participate in the regular practice of meditation, yoga, and running. I equally have a love for witnessing individuals like you make lifestyle changes that get you that much closer to living the lifestyle you deserve. Health and fitness goals can be personal and should be treated thoughtfully and individually. I made it my mission to build an online platform for people in every stage of their journey. Here at TFP, you can be sure to gain some positive vibes. I believe in the power of a positive tribe. Miracles occur within us when we surround ourselves with others who reflect the energy we want to be. I am passionate about encouraging others to embrace their way to a sweatfilled, soulful life. God gave us each the most precious gift of body and spirit.  We should take care of it to the best of our ability so that we in turn may share our passions and gifts with others.” - Jess Horton