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Hello, Fellow Fit Readers!

I’m Jess  – a.k.a The Fit Petite and I’m so excited to have you along on my fitness journey. We all need a tribe of people to encourage, support, and inspire us on a daily basis. My hope is that this platform will serve as that place for you. I’m a lover of anything that makes you feel better, improves performance, and of course, elevates your daily quality of living.

Year 2011 – How It All Began

I’ve been an avid runner and (self-proclaimed) fitness fanatic my entire life. My blogging journey began in 2011 when I was training for yet another half marathon. At the time, my current romantic relationship was ending, my condo was falling apart, and then there was a health scare that shook my family and I to the core. I knew I needed to find grounding again through steady training. Working towards the 13.1-mile distance of a half marathon gave me that element of security and accountability I so craved.

I decided to keep a record of my progress through journaling. As much as I love paper & pen, the writing got tedious. This lead to the creation of my own blog + website and a subsequent love for all things social media.

The Rise of TFP

Before long, posts were being shared, online conversations were being had, traffic steadily grew and an audience was soon born! I created the blog while working as a marketing executive in good ‘ol corporate America. I decided to leverage my marketing knowledge along with my passion for staying active to pursue this dream independently.

Hitting the Pavement & Braving the Entrepreneurial Front

The entrepreneurship lifestyle is not one I ever foresaw myself being a part of, but it just fits. You could call me a gypsy spirit of sorts — creating my own place in the world, merging both fitness and business realms.

In 2014 I acquired both my American Council of Exercise and Road Runner Club of America certifications. Mixing my passion for marketing and fitness has made for quite the fulfilling life that allows me to rest easy at night.

READ: This is not The Fast Petite, The Ripped Petite, or even The Skinny Petite. This is a space for everyday people looking to live their own version of a sweat-filled, soulful life – daily.  There is more than one way to live healthy and more than one place to practice physical activity! 

My drive for a healthy and fit life truly comes from an innate passion. I participate in regular practices of meditation, yoga, and running – as the mix of it all leaves me feeling in good balance. Beyond just my personal fitness, I thrive on seeing friends, clients, and readers, just like you, make the healthy lifestyle changes that put you in the direction of feeling well and living a more fulfilling life.

Health and fitness goals can be personal and should be treated thoughtfully and individually. That’s why I’ve made it my mission to build an online platform for people in every stage of their journey. Here at TFP, you can be sure to gain some positive vibes to put a little pep in your step.

Join the TFP Tribe

As mentioned, I believe in the power of a positive tribe. Miracles occur within us when we surround ourselves with others who reflect the energy we want to be. This is simply my online destination for encouraging others to embrace their unique path to a sweat-filled, soulful life. Interested in training, click here

Personal Motto:

“God gave us each the most precious gift of body and spirit.  We should take care of it to the best of our ability so that we, in turn, may share our passions and gifts with others.”

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