Are you passionate about the company that your started?

Are you ready to acquire new clients, followers, or partners?

Does social media or content creation leave you feeling paralyzed?

Do you want to share your products and services with potential clients online?

I am Jess Horton, creator and owner of Relay. With this company, I am able to share my passion for coaching with my appreciation for entrepreneurship. I would venture to say that no one knows your industry better than you. Let my knowledge of social media and marketing strategy work in your favor to pivot your brand into a more profitable and visual business.

As the owner of Relay, I am able to help businesses and brands relay their messaging across online platforms. I have over a decade of marketing and sales expericne in the 757 marketplace. I have bought and sold in many platforms, with specific success and expertise in both print and online. By choosing to be independent in the marketing industry, I am able to provide an unbiased recommendation and strategy to my clients. I work with business owners daily to identify their target audience, client demographic, and geographic parameters.  I will work as your coach to develop your social media and marketing strengths. Together, we will determine how and where to dialogue with those potential prospects in all stages of the buying cycle. I am passionate about using my experience and passions to help you relay your brand!

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Social Media Coaching

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Content Creation

Media Buying

Strategy Development

Networking Opportunities

Advertising Analysis

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