Want to learn more about content creation, social media, or marketing and the strategy behind it?

You are extremely passionate about the company or cause that your started.

Now you are ready to acquire new clients, followers, or partners.

You are eager to share your products, philosophies, and services with potential clients online.

I am Jess Cherry, creator and owner. With this company, I am able to share my passion for coaching with my appreciation for entrepreneurship. I would venture to say that no one knows your industry better than you. Let my expertise of social media and marketing strategy work in your favor to pivot your brand into a more profitable and visual business.

I am able to help businesses and brands relay their messaging across online platforms. I have over a decade of marketing and sales experience in the 757 marketplace. I have bought and sold many forms of media, with specific success and expertise in both print and online. By choosing to be independent in the marketing industry, I am able to provide an unbiased recommendation and strategy to my clients. I work with business owners daily to identify their target audience, client demographic, and geographic parameters.  I will work as your coach to develop your social media and marketing strengths. Together, we will determine how and where to dialogue with those potential prospects in all stages of the buying cycle. I am passionate about using my experience and passions to help you relay your brand!

  • Social Media Coaching
  • Marketing Message
  • Content Creation
  • Media Buying
  • Strategy Development
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Current Advertising Program Audit 

Read what other business owners had to say…

Rachel Kemp, owner of Live The Blissful Life

“I want to thank Jess for our amazing branding sessions and helping me find my way in this crazy business world. She helped me find my true authentic self, pinpoint my target audience and portray what I am saying in a truly genuine way online and offline.”

Heidi Calma, Owner of Heidi Calma Photography 

“I loved that Jess continually pushed me to think about marketing my business in new and innovative ways. I was always most grateful that she offered an understanding shoulder to lean on when I would feel unsure about trying something new or outside of my comfort zone. She was always there to support, model, and encourage me to reach my audience in a variety of ways, and my business grew naturally from her coaching!”

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