Making Room For More: From Runs To Roasts

Saturday’s run was short and oh so sweet. An ideal 6 miler through the trails with my runner tribe. The shorter distance left room to do more that day. A simple coffee date in the sunshine next to my favorite person. I have waited my entire life for moments like this, and they deserve to be savored.

I have come to accept that this fall is about designing a new normal and letting go of what doesn’t serve me this season allowing me to make room for more…first up are double digit races. Months ago I had my heart set on running the Richmond Half. It seemed like the best option for me in terms of a fall race. Now I have more options to choose from. Two weeks ago I found myself running the back half of my 8 miler alone and remembered how much I do love that 6-10 mile distance. It is my favorite distance to run on the weekends when I have all the time in the world. And when it comes to charging it,  I love the idea of pushing myself to hold a 5k pace for an entire 10k. I can hardly wait to do that next month as I share and tackle miles with my relay partner at the Crawlin’ Crab.

As I wrapped an enjoyable and easy Sunday morning of breakfast at home and errand running, I glanced ahead to the upcoming short but stacked week ahead.The hangover of champagne and dinner from the night before lingered.

Tapped, Gastropub

But it wasn’t just Saturday’s festivities that had gotten to me. I had eaten out nearly every meal since Tuesday.

My body had hit a wall. I felt my chest begin to tighten with an alarming amount pressure I was beginning to put on myself. Workouts, freelance work, oh… and that job thing during the day…would I be able to fit it all in? I paused.  I knew I needed rest.After a pit stop at Taste for one final take out meal for the week ( The Boardwalk sandwich, new favorite),  I was urged to spend time some Sunday in my bed. I rose later in the day with clarity. I had two choices:

1. I could spend unnecessary time calorie counting and feel completely “guilty”


2. I could use my Sunday struggle as a learning experience for how I would choose to fuel my body and spirit moving forward and focus on the countless memories I created with those people I hold close to my heart. Like really…poor me that I had to have dinner with amazing friends and this new guy in my life…

Lubo Wine Bar

 To the kitchen! The dinner I had started earlier that morning was just about complete. A large roast was not the norm for me. But with it being fall and knowing the BF would happily enjoy a home cooked Sunday dinner, I went for it. Surrounded by tri-colored carrots and potatoes, I filled my trusty crock pot and let it do it’s thing for nearly 8 hours. As dinner and the weekend came to a close, I assembled a collection of new fall recipes for yogurt bowls and smoothies. I also opted for a change to my morning schedule. An adjusted wake up time that would yield more time before tackling the grind. Monday morning brought a sand covered sweat session complete with stretching and Ujjayi breathing on my beach. The perfect setting to cleanse the breath and my space. It brought an epiphany to abandon this struggle, leaving me lighter and with room for more.

First Landing Trails

CROCK POT ROAST : Grease crock pot with olive oil. Place roast in the center. Surround with vegetables and herbs. Dash salt and pepper. Add liquid. Cover, simmer on low for 8 hours. Enjoy!

2 -3 lb beef roast | 3  garlic cloves – sliced and scored into the roast | 5-6 potatoes peeled and sliced into wedges | 1 bag of tri color carrots | 1 large onion quartered | 2 c Water | Sage | Salt & Pepper | Olive Oil


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