Making Bold Choices To Live Better

Lately I’ve heard the phrase “you’re brave” in regards to sharing some of my story.  While that’s a nice sentiment and I appreciate the compliment, I must disagree. I’ve def considered myself bold over the years. Kind of like my red lipstick in this pic, my sipping tequila instead of wine, or committing to run at 5:15 am with my husband. All rather bold choices.
Girls’s Night Out With A Bold Blood Orange Cocktail and Matching Lip, @Civil Libation
But brave…for me, there simply was no other choice in the situation we faced. It’s a club I didn’t ask to join. But one I have certainly gained a lot from. When a rough season, trauma, or incident hits us, there are no rule books. There may be past experiences or similar stories we have heard being shared, but no one journey is like the other. Meaning, there is no one way to grieve or cope. It is completely individual.
Through the years I also have learned to pray boldly. That is how I got here.
For me, it is about taking control of the information, nutrition, and energy I allow myself to take in. Read that again…I ALLOW! I think it is important to think of it that way, because it truly has to be on my terms. Sometimes that means hard boundaries. Or in other words, bold choices.
Another bold choice I opted for on this journey, was to tackle a new running route over the weekend. It wasn’t one that was very difficult, or even very long. But it was new. A point to point run. Saturday I left our house not completely sure of where I was heading. Just my watch, some music, and a mindset.
It is fall when your rose gold watch matching the changing leaves. Equally bold are my tight shorties! Let those thighs be free gals.
I found myself being pulled to the park and into the trails. It was gorgeous. I started my run a bit later than normal due to the festive Friday night before. But the cool Autumn temps cooperated, allowing me to savor a mid morning Saturday run. Thankful to Jason for scooping me up 7 miles from home and letting me graze the Whole Foods food bar post workout.
Post Run Power Fuel
What does being bold mean for you? It doesn’t have to be something grand. Maybe it means saying yes to something like a new workout class, nail color, recipe, or even new social group. Being bold could also mean saying no to something that simply is not serving you like alcohol, apologizing for being yourself or an upcoming trip. Being bold for me these days is about consciously trying to slow down and simply exist. It is working!
Mindless miles have always been my favorite. There was a season where I did a lot of racing, but that’s not what I crave right now. Running is just my way to fill the tank and recharge my spiritual battery. Another way I’m doing that is by going all in and leading a nutritional challenge for my clients this month. I needed a smallish work project to focus on and I’m so thankful this one supports my own healthy living goals as well. My desire is to fuel my body with quality ingredients as it continues to heal. Being healthy will be key to take on whatever lies ahead for us.
TFP Nutrition Mission

As Sunday comes to a close, I am still enjoying the cooler weekend temps. A large pot of lean, clean beef stew is on the stove and I am perched at our little dining room table with fresh flowers and an open window. No exercise today. Plenty of cooking, nail painting, and Millie cuddling.

Jason surprised me with this bright fall flowers to kick off the last month in this house.

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