Make Time For Yourself


Why is it that we, especially as women, have such a hard time loving our own selves…our own spirits…our own bodies…our own faults? When it comes to our friends, we can certainly provide a pep talk and give them the positive reinforcement we also so desperately need and deserve. We seem to doubt our abilities or over analyze ourselves more than any other species.

As strong as we are, we forget to share our massive amounts of strength with ourselves. Well…ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! Chances are, if you are reading this blog, you have visited this site before looking for motivation and inspiration. I got you girl! All those bad thoughts you are thinking about yourself, I simply won’t have it! I don’t let people talk about my friends that way…and you…dear reader… are a friend!


I have used this space to be a sounding board about self care many times before. My hope is that you allow this message to hit you loud and clear! Self care doesn’t just mean your physical needs of rest, nutrition, and exercise. It means equally taking care of your mind and your spirit. You can’t expect to be healthy outside without first finding peace inward.


We are strong enough to do a lot. Notice I didn’t say do it all.  I have learned and now believe we can’t do it all, or should we even attempt to. Determine the strength to know where you should spend your time and where you should not.  Develop a support system to lean on. Let those who are willing and able, help you as you would help them.  Maybe it is about limits, but it is also about priority and what makes sense!

Make The Money


We are capable of making the money, making the beds, and making time for our friends…no reason we can’t re-prioritize that list and make a little time for ourself too. I think the time spent on self care should be time spent alone…in quiet. When you take the time to truly listen to a member of your tribe, you show up present and engaged.  In return you learn a lot about her soul. By getting quiet and intently listening to your own inner voice, I know you will learn about what you need as well.


The goal for the season is to fall in love with taking care of yourself first!  Embrace your own curves, flaunt them a little, and get intimate with your own inner spirit. After all, the relationship you have with yourself is the most important!



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