Love: Be It, Share It

Five years and thousands of blogs posts later, this little blog that could is still going strong and I LOVE it. It has turned into my proudest work both professionally and personally. My computer is my prized possession and spending countless hours at local coffee shops is my jam! On this Valentine’s Day – 2017, I find myself doing just that. In between two meetings I find myself with a little time to write. Today is the day of love and I am spending it doing a few of the things I am found of.

Coffee and meditation – Allows the soul and spirit to awaken, setting the tone for a mindful and purposeful day.

Early morning messages of love sent from friends. My friends get me, love me, and I adore them right back. #MyTribeGameIsStrong

Marketing meeting with a fellow woman owned business owner. Talking all things advertising and doing some word play to create just the perfect wording for posts to promote her amazing craft.

Writing – It is the day of love and today as I pound away on my keyboard dressed in a bold red plaid, listening to a blend of 80’s hits,  I passionately pour all of my love into this site and into the world with everything I do today.

An afternoon run date with one of my favorite fitness friends. Sunshine, smiles, and a solemate to end my day.

No matter where you find yourself on this day, be the example of love you want to see in the world. Take that love out into the universe. Be love and share it fiercely with every stranger and every friend. Now more than ever, we strive for this. It all starts with love.


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