Live Unstoppable

When we step into our own personal world of fitness goals, we certainly face the choice to be unstoppable. The decision is something we are confronted with on the regular. What does it mean to be truly unstoppable?

Is it something that can be witnessed by others as we pursue it? Is it physical? Is it emotional?

I believe that living unstoppable means having the ability to be patient with yourself and with your current situation. I find that those individuals who can acknowledge and honor their own temporary fitness limitations are those same ones who create sustainability and longevity in their sport. They remain passionate and purposeful. Especially those athletes who are runners. Never underestimate our consistency when it comes to commitment. We may change pace or even change direction but never do we stop.

I have included a couple of examples of gals who are living unstoppable in my life in hopes they will inspire you as they have inspired me.

I have a friend who has not been able to run the past several months. It’s not possible right now, it isn’t an option. Her body is healing from an injury. She has come to accept that for right now. So she stopped running. But she opted for a new fitness goal. A completely new type of training. A new type of physical challenge, even requiring the expertise of a different type of coach. Something she never would have dared to dream before. This is what makes her unstoppable.

I have another friend, a marathoner, who has struggling with her running as well. The past several months everything has felt foreign from paces to form. She could have easily chosen to quit and many have told her that is what she should do. Instead she choose to start over with the basics. She is working on strength, physically or course…but in her spirit too. She is being looked after by one of the best running coaches in the biz. #trainjanda Her decision and commitment have made her equally unstoppable. Her eyes fixated on a prize that has nothing to do with time.


These girls are brave. They are a force. The worthy opponent. They may have been forced into a plot twist or a re route, but they never settled for a blockade. Did I mention, they also each called on their faith? Their passion and desire for living well has stayed the same. It is a part of their personal mission.


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