Intermittent Fasting: An Experiment

Hello August! Last week was such a blessed week even with two different Facebook trolling attempts. Good thing I began most days last week in prayer! My love of social media still stands. I have witnessed it do more good than bad, because… I choose to engage with people who post purposefully, positively, and responsibly. Insert the unfollow|mute buttons here. Back to those blessings though…

7 days of sweat, food, and friends. It packed a flexible lifestyle of fun and fitness and hope this was an accurate preview of what the month will hold! Monday was filled with all things meal prep and nutrition, including an unplanned intermittent fast. (more info below). Tuesday brought track work, a #cryo session,  and a training circuit in the pool. Wednesday was back to the beach. We finally got an early morning sun and run session!!! Thursday brought a business meeting (details coming soon!) and an afternoon shopping trip with a friend. Friday was a day spent poolside with the pup and mom, along with an amazing email.  Saturday kicked off the fall training season for the J&A Racing team. Of course Jason and I were there along with 200 of our friends, some near and dear…and many new! New faces makes me so giddy and excited. It’s something magical that is about to happen to them. Even if they’ve trained before, a solo training season pales in comparison to the power of the team. I know from personal experience! Sunday was a day of celebration. From church to cocktails, there was gratitude all around. 7 different days that served my spirit in 7 different ways! 

As mentioned above…the week began focused on nutrition…and kind of by accident I found myself in the middle of an intermittent fast. By the time I finally sat down to eat my first meal on Monday, it was lunch time. This is completely out of the ordinary for me. But after taking some time to think, I thought this might be a good time to try an experience I had been thinking about and researching: Intermittent fasting or IF.

You’ve probably heard this term pop up at cocktail parties, countless blogs, on your social feed and any entertainment news program you’ve tuned in to lately. Meal skipping isn’t my thing so I never really thought about giving it a go. Turns out that isn’t the concept at all. I’ve had friends, family, and clients follow the IF protocol, therefore I follow it loosely but recently took a deep dive into the trend by pouring over research and talking with medical professionals to see what the benefits…if any… there are.

To be clear….

  1. I am not a dietician
  2. I am not endorsing this as a nutrition program
  3. I am not talking keto
  4. I did consult with medical professional before pursuing
  5. I am not currently practicing IF

As mentioned the past few weeks, I’ve been following a nutrition program to help reduce and remove vertigo and my recent diagnosis of a migraine disorder. The past couple of weeks I’ve felt fantastic. I have reduced inflammation throughout my body and boosted my energy up. My activity level is nearly back to my norm.  If you’ve been following you know I removed gluten, a lot of dairy, and alcohol the past few weeks. I’ve adjusted to the migraine relief nutrition program and my body is responding well. After researching IF, I learned about some benefits that sounded attractive. It could reduce inflammation, regulate hormones, allow the body time to be able to repair itself and of course one can experience weight loss. All things that would also help and potentially aid my recovery from the migraine disorder.

There are several different types of IF. I’ll let you look those up for yourself or speak to your own medical team, again I am not endorsing. I opted for the 16/8 plan. Essentially 16 hours a day I fast (which is mainly while I am asleep) and the other 8 hours left were a window for eating. It sounded a bit crazy at first. Let me break it down. I did not eat my first meal until 11 or noon. I wake up each day at 5:30am, so basically it felt like brunch. I also ended all meals and snacks around 7 or 8pm. That was easy as we eat dinner between 6 and 7. I still had time for my sweet, cold bowl of fruit at night. Every morning I enjoyed my coffee per usual and focused on getting a big dose of water, usually filled with a True Lime packet and a few drops grapefruit oil. So refreshing!!!!

I implemented this eating schedule for 5 days. Monday – Friday. I did stay on my migraine relief nutrition program as well. I noticed no negative side effects. I did not count calories. I did not weight myself, although I felt leaner. My stamina was up which allowed me to successfully complete several bursts of short HIIT. This helped me fall asleep a bit earlier on both Thursday and Friday. I also felt fuller faster. The only down side I noticed was when it came to Saturday’s run. It was a short run, and at the end, I felt myself running out of gas and had the signs of a nutritional side stitch coming on. Note to self, take it fuel/calories prior to running on Saturday if attempting this again it the future.

DISCLAIMER: My personal experience was a good one. My professional opinion is to get a professional opinion. Altering yours dietary needs can be tricky and not something to be taken lightly.

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