Imagine: Your Fitness Potential and Your Future

Ever have those times where you know your life is about to change?

Sometimes the only thing to do in moments of change is to simply IMAGINEIMAGINE everything good. IMAGINE everything that you have ever wanted… and IMAGINE nothing but that.

 Tuesday I cracked open a new book and right there in the foreword was the word IMAGINATION. Minutes before reading, I had finished an IMAGINATION meditation sequence and built an IMAGINATION vision board. Hello!

We find ourselves here in fitness a lot. We have made a choice for change and now we wait. Athletes of all levels face this mental battle. What we allow to occupy the upstairs is often times what will be. IMAGINING will make or break you. IMAGINING ourselves crossing the line, chasing the dream, attaining the goal.

Isn’t imagination much like trust? You picture it. You create it. You believe it…without any proof?! I remember the first time I broke two hours in the half marathon. I spent time imagining it. I imagined the pain that would come and how I would handle it with such authority pushing through to the end. I even imagined myself celebrating that sub 2 victory post race. When it finally happened I remember being completely, utterly, and blissfully overwhelmed.  Moved to tears. To my surprise, it was bigger and better than I had ever IMAGINED.


In the book I’m currently reading, Pro Surfer and all around impressive athlete Laird Hamilton states:

“Your mind has 100 percent power over your reality. Whatever you believe, that’s what you are cultivating.”



In the rebuilding process of my fitness foundation this year, I deliberately only made room in my routine for powerful & positive mantras. IMAGINE is standing out as the latest one. This Saturday will be my second race of the year. I imagine it going well. I imagine myself running hard. I imagine celebrating at the end.

What are you imagining for your future…in terms of fitness and beyond?

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