How To: Tackle The Farmers Market

The Neighborhood Farmer’s Market. It has become a Saturday morning ritual for many of health minded people all over this country. In the Virginia Beach area alone, I can think of 5 markets off the top of my head. I know there are many more. This past Saturday, like many, I made my rounds and filled my sack with goods from the Old Beach Farmers Market. If you are considering checking out the market fo yourself, here are a few tips to make your trip that much better. 

WHAT: Old Beach Farmers Market

WHERE: The ViBe District, specifically Croc’s parking Lot

WHEN: Currently, Saturdays 9am-noon

Before leaving home, grab your biggest grocery tote, or do like my friend and market going pro, Tessa and bring a fabulously large basket. I also bring a stack of bills for convenience, although most vendors take card payments at each booth.

First, get there early. If you can’t bike, take advantage of the free parking across from WRV and walk the 2 blocks into the ViBe. 

Grab a coffee and a spot in the sunshine while you wait for the market to officially open at 9. Lately I’ve been a fan of the Cold Brew from Three Ships. A perfect little sipper for warm mornings. 

You can always do a preview walk thru of the vendors, but note, no selling until 9:00am.

While in the ViBe, take time to catch up with a fellow wellness minded friend. You’ll see many of them strolling through the lot. Take notice of the permanent ViBe merchants nearby. North End Bag Co is a must! Be sure to say hello to Otis…aka He has s a very welcoming way about him. 

North End Bag Co

Learn about new products before taking them home. The local farmers, vendors, and artisans are available on site and eager to tell you about their items.

Be sure to purchase your hard packed items first. Don’t crush your newly picked produce, from New Earth Farm with those cold pressed juices from Crunchy Carrot. Save your flower purchase for last. The Zinnia Girls will send you on your way complete with there brightly colored blooms and cut stems wrapped in damp tissue and a ribbon.

Once home, unload your purchases and take time to appreciate your work.

Kickstarter from Crunchy Carrot

That’s a wrap on this week’s market tour! This week’s purchases included juice, fresh flowers, and lavender. I am already looking forward to next week.I hope to see you there soon! Be sure to say hello 🙂

Boil equal parts sugar and water for a basic simple syrup. Let it steep with the lav buds for 10 min. Strain and enjoy for up to 3 weeks in the fridge.

If you’re a vendor and would like your goods featured here, I’d love to hear from you

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