How To Redesign Your Wellness Routine

I am excited to announce a new service available immediately! Personal training is fabulous and transforming, but before we anyone can begin the how portion of a training plan, we have to identify the why. One of the first things I do with a new client is conduct a wellness interview. I provide a free space for you to get honest and raw with yourself. You will be given permission to leave all previous beliefs about yourself behind if they don’t serve you. We will talk about goals. We will discuss your current routines and habits in nutrition, sleep hygiene, and workout frequency. I help you identify what you want for yourself in the form of fitness and wellness. We will distinguish why these goals are important. As a team, you and I will determine the appropriate amount of time you will need to spend each week/day implementing some new habits. I will guide you in establishing what resources may be needed in terms of monetarily and spiritually. Welcome to the Wellness Redesign

From there, we determine the best route to take. I thoughtfully design a program that we share responsibility for. 

  1. What part will the client own
  2. What part will I own

Together we agree on pre-set check ins, meets ups and next steps. More often than not, the program includes personal training appointments with me. But other times due to geography, budget, or time constraints, a different approach may be more appropriate.

Here are some notes and recommendations from a recent re-design appointment.

The Circumstance: A 40+ female. She is single, she is a mother, and she is already a lover of fitness. She reached out to gain motivation in the form of a wellness shake up. Her routine has become boring, monotonous as well as cardio heavy. Her health routine has been stuck on auto pilot and functions by convenience.

Her goals:

  1. To feel more energized.
  2. To implement strength training back into her schedule.
  3. To wake up earlier.
  4. To become more vested in her weekly nutrition program, grocery shopping, and cooking.
  5. To gain more confidence.

What she needs help withAccountability. Fresh, original workouts. Recipes that are easy and energizing.  Scheduling suggestions. 

The first item of business was to re-design her current workout schedule. The goal was to swap out some of the cardio for a routine that reflects more strength training and some interval training. Both of these types of workouts will help burn fat and change the appearance of the body. You can see my notes below for swaps and additions to her current program.

Monday: 60 Minute Spin KEEP 

Tuesday:  3 Mile Run and Spin – SWAP The Run For A 30 Minute Toes To Nose (total body) Strength Circuit, KEEP Spin

Wednesday: Group Fitness Meet Up (combo of strength and cardio), KEEP 

Thursday: Group Run Meet Up: KEEP, use that opportunity to run pick ups. Intervals are fabulous for fat burning! 

Friday:  Elliptical or Rest Day. SWAP For Upper Body Strength

Saturday: Group Long Run Meet Up. KEEP

Sunday: Optional Run, SWAP For Rest Day and use the time towards nutritional planning for the week 

This re-designed workout schedule moves away from a cardio heavy program with low intensity to a complete fitness routine that incorporates strength, easy cardio days, and HIIT (high intensity interval training). The fabulous thing for her is that there is NO additional workout time is required. A simple re-design!

I am excited to announce these goal setting appointments as a new offering.  Who’s ready to redesign their wellness? Email me

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