Global Sports Bra Day

Running in a sports bra, I do it often and not for reasons you may think. In fact, my decision to go topless required little decision from me at all.

During high school cross country it was something that we always did. Summer running in Hampton Roads brings high levels of humidity and we took every precaution necessary to beat the heat, including tossing our tops and finding every sprinkler along our running routes through Great Bridge.

Over the past few years I have worked with many different body types and many different body issues, including my own. As a champion for fitness and female bodies everywhere, I am joining the cause in support of Blogger|Runner|Fitness Influencer Kelly Roberts. Global Sports Bra Day is June 24 and you better believe I will be celebrating. I am encouraging women everywhere to take back their own body insecurities and take a toss…of those tops! Imagine what we could do for our own generation or better yet the next one if we could start to break down the wall and misunderstanding of what running in your sports bra should be like and what it should look like. Currently it is scary, it is vulnerable, it is also liberating…and on many days, physically, it is more comfortable.

I will be hitting the boardwalk next Thursday evening to celebrate with woman of all speeds, sizes, shapes, and fitness philosophies. But the common goal will be to throw our own ideals out along with our tops and grab hold of championing our own bodies based on ability instead of appearance.

Not feeling the sports bra squad look, no worries…just get out and run in whatever makes you feel confident! It is not about feeling perfect, but rather feeling proud.

Follow and use #SportsBraSquadVB to participate




Run Washington – Sports Bra Squad Day

Run, Selfie, repeat – Global Sports Bra Day

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Low Rent 5K: Race Recap


At any given moment your running will absolutely parallel your real life. That could not have been more true than on Saturday as I tackled my second race of 2017 at the Low Rent 5K. Staying routined, relaxed, and remembering to run happy is the goal this year as I strategically rebuild my strength. I have run long enough to know that if I focus on those things first, the speed will come.

I think I may be in the minority in that I actually love the thrill of a 5K. There is something dramatic about trying to set a pace and hold on as long as possible that satisfies my need for a physical challenge. It is completely opposite in every way to those long, slow distance runs. They both serve my spirit well and look forward to a summer filled with both.

THE GOAL: To run better than I did at the ODU Big Blue. That being my first race in over a year, it simply was practice. Getting the feeling of racing again. Going through the motions and no expectations, which left no pressure on my performance. Saturday’s plan was to not necessarily run faster, but stronger, more seamless, and more comfortable. For reference I finished ODU feeling good at 26:13, walked once for water, and am pretty sure I had resting race face the entire time. When asked what I thought I would run this past Saturday, I knew the window would be from 24-26 minutes.

June is proving to be a month of intoxicating adventure and uncertainty…and one that is testing my patience. And the thrill of new opportunities coming my way came to a head Saturday morning. I woke with shaky palms and a butterfly filled belly. With not much race experience recently, the feeling of pre race nerves hit me harder than it has in a while. While my friends were gathering pre-race, all I wanted to do was stay with them, but I knew the best thing for me was to send myself off on my own for a pre race warm up.  Let go of some of that extra unnecessary energy in my legs. The mile and warm up drills I managed to get in moments before the start proved to be extremely beneficial.


Mile 1 I was literally talking to myself. Remembering to get out quick, establish a sustainable pace and relax. Hold, hang. Be patient.

Mile 2 Stay patient I told myself after a quick glance at my watch. I was pacing plenty ahead of schedule from ODU and I knew I had enough for a little pick up in the final mile.

Mile 3 Grateful for the shaded neighborhood streets, it made it more achievable to slightly speed up. I did not look at my watch, but I knew I was approximately 1/2 out from the finish and was moving steady.

The Kick There is something about seeing coach Ryan Conrad and friends (Renee, Josh) cheering in the final 400 meters. When your sole sister yells out ”Drop your arms and turn on your glutes!” You do it and drop the pace to 7:00. Thank you Kristy Maute for that. You always know what I need to hear.

A successful 5K with what physically felt like a more seamless, steady stride. No walk breaks and even managed a few cheers and some waves along the way. 25:22. Shedding significant time like that validated my plan, my workouts, and my patience. The training is working. My commitment to staying faithful to routine is paying off.

This was not just the case for me either. Many other friends had significant days as well. Making their way back from injury, from life, from time away. Proof that good things come to those who wait, train, and run happy!

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Imagine: Your Fitness Potential and Your Future


Ever have those times where you know your life is about to change?

Sometimes the only thing to do in moments of change is to simply IMAGINEIMAGINE everything good. IMAGINE everything that you have ever wanted… and IMAGINE nothing but that.

 Tuesday I cracked open a new book and right there in the foreword was the word IMAGINATION. Minutes before reading, I had finished an IMAGINATION meditation sequence and built an IMAGINATION vision board. Hello!

We find ourselves here in fitness a lot. We have made a choice for change and now we wait. Athletes of all levels face this mental battle. What we allow to occupy the upstairs is often times what will be. IMAGINING will make or break you. IMAGINING ourselves crossing the line, chasing the dream, attaining the goal.

Isn’t imagination much like trust? You picture it. You create it. You believe it…without any proof?! I remember the first time I broke two hours in the half marathon. I spent time imagining it. I imagined the pain that would come and how I would handle it with such authority pushing through to the end. I even imagined myself celebrating that sub 2 victory post race. When it finally happened I remember being completely, utterly, and blissfully overwhelmed.  Moved to tears. To my surprise, it was bigger and better than I had ever IMAGINED.


In the book I’m currently reading, Pro Surfer and all around impressive athlete Laird Hamilton states:

“Your mind has 100 percent power over your reality. Whatever you believe, that’s what you are cultivating.”



In the rebuilding process of my fitness foundation this year, I deliberately only made room in my routine for powerful & positive mantras. IMAGINE is standing out as the latest one. This Saturday will be my second race of the year. I imagine it going well. I imagine myself running hard. I imagine celebrating at the end.

What are you imagining for your future…in terms of fitness and beyond?

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Sweet Sandbridge

Photo Cred: Breath of Sunshine Blog

Oh sweet Sandbridge….The end of the beach where things move slower, produce grows bigger, and things are a little saltier. But don’t be fooled, there is fit living on the south end too.  The Pungo and Red Mill areas are booming with boutique fitness studios, farm stands, and more.

Recently I received an email from a reader who was looking to vacation in Virginia Beach, Sandbridge to be exact. She was looking for a few fitness recommendations in that area and while I know VB fitness pretty well, I needed to do a little research. Luckily for me I knew where to look. Before long I had made my own Sandbridge Summer hit list that I want to start tackling right away.

sandbridge letter


Taking front and center in this blog is Surf and Adventure Co. Friends of mine own it and they are my go-to for knowing everything about that part of town. With all things boards to bikes, Surf and Adventure Co. has all your rental or touring needs. Whether you are running to riding, hitting the trails at nearby Back Bay is a must. See what my friend Karen had to say about touring the refuge by way of running shoes here.

Back Bay biking with the girls.

Above is a shot of some Back Bay biking from last year. On another adventure, we settled onto boards and took to the water for some paddling. Karen and Rob were wonderful hosts and guides. The 4 mile journey lead us directly to dinner at Blue Pete’s. I highly recommend taking a spot by the picnic tables. Be sure to cool off by ordering one of their hand crafted mason jar drinks!

Photo Cred: Breath of Sunshine Blog

Be sure to check out the Surf and Adventure store. It is packed full of local fashion to have you living the casual beach lifestyle in no time!


The views at Baja are certainly instagram worthy. I hear the coffee and cocktails are favorites of Sandbridge residents but equally worth the drive for North End locals as well.

If brunch is your thing then you will want to head straight to The Bee and The Biscuit. Did someone say Mimosa flight?

 Another insider tip for sweets in Sandbridge is the market. Don’t be fooled by the unassuming site. You will want to get the donuts!


Grab your coffee and head for a slow drive in the country. Local produce straight from the source! Here are a few of the farms my Sandbridge peeps recommend.

Cullipher Farms

New Earth Farm

BayBreeze Farms




Want to be featured? Submit your invitation or proposal to

Photo Cred: Breath of Sunshine

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Turn and Face The Strain: Changes

Turn and face the strain…changes! David Bowie may have had it right all along.

I had the desire to write today, but I wasn’t exactly sure what words would come to fruition on the page. I cooked, I ran, I prayed…all things that fuel my creative forces. I still wasn’t sure. But after this picture popped up from a past post I knew.

Mountain Pose

 I got cozy with some tea and some Fleetwood Mac and began pouring through my own arsenal of blogs from the years, this past year in particular. I have included several link backs in this blog so that you can grasp the full concept of change for yourself.

This time last year I stood in the mountains making decisions about my life. I refer to this as the time I was literally cracked open. It was a time and place I felt truly myself…more on that experience here.  Some decisions made were deliberate and others were more subtle, stemming from somewhere deep within my soul. I actually think some of those decisions weren’t made by me at all, but instead the universe. The trip to West Virginia changed me.  I had surrendered to the deepest state of meditation and had been granted a glimpse into my future, with a view of that safe spot to land I was looking for. I was awakened. I had been shaken like an extra dirty martini and my mind was full of clouds like the ones I look for in my cocktail glass. Those clouds were like little individual dreams. I was a mix of mess and magic. Parts of me had been forever tamed and other parts were given the green light to always run wild. A combination I have come to adjust to and embrace.

Reflecting back over the past 12 months, I clearly see how those changes have taken shape.  Lots of emotional and spiritual changes, others more physical. After my body completely stalled out like a broken down car at the end of 2016, the full story here, I was forced to consciously commit to a total rebuild in both my fitness foundation and philosophy. An adjusted appreciation to love myself, my body, and my ability in fitness. After all if we don’t love ourselves first, how can we expect to give or receive love from others.  This new approach had nothing to do with abs, half marathon times, or numbers on a scale. I simply had no use for those measurement tools any longer when it comes to measuring my worth as an athlete or even a leader in the fitness industry.

be kinder

From January – March I focused on mending the cracks in my emotional spirit and my physical strength. More often than not I ran without a watch, allowing myself to fall totally back in love with running. Just like the seasons change, so did I.  I tossed my tank at the first sign of summer temps embracing all aspects of the #SportsBraSquad in full confidence.

standing north end

I have come out the other side standing in a similar spot. But now with a new perspective. I am more confident in my ability to lead others in their fitness journey through my platform here with stories I believe are inspiring. I am confident in the routine I created for myself that provided me the opportunity to fight my way back to the fit life I needed and wanted. New goals, measured in new ways, and with new standards that I set in place shared with the people who supported me most.

The boldness that I, GOD, and the universe has shown in 2017 is incredible.  I feel him close and even-though at times it feels like he is playing a cruel joke on me, I know he is in control.

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