Here Comes The Bridal Fitness

I am less than 4 months out from the big day! It is time to redesign my weekly fitness routine. After spending my winter half marathon training, I am ready to incorporate all the others things I love about fitness that I have missed while hitting those miles. I have created an amped up version of strength and interval training! With a little redistributing of macros from carbs to protein, the change in nutrition will compliment my physical work in the form of toning and leaning out. Think body composition!

I am kicking things off this month with a challenge. Follow along or better yet, join me and my tribe all month long beginning March 4. We will be tackling this over the next few weeks with the goal to simple move more. Tag @TheFitPetite and use #TFPMoveMoreMarch

Here is what you need to know…

  1. Incorporate 4 basic moves into your daily wellness routine.
  2. These mini sessions are not in place of your workout. Let it compliment your existing healthy habits and fitness program.
  3. Consider stepping up each exercise. This is a great time to play with a heavier weight. Make your squats more powerful with dumbbells instead of body weight. For more intensity, and if you are injury free, consider making them jump squats.
  4. Integrate this challenge as a pre-shower sweat. It is also ideal as a post cardio finisher!
  5. If one of the suggested exercises isn’t for you, swap it for one of your favs! That’s the cool thing about fitness, you can make it work for you šŸ™‚


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