Healthy Snacks: SMART BARS

SMART BARS People are always asking me what kind of healthy snacks I’m eating. I do my best to stick with fruit, vegetables, some cheese, nuts, and “bars.”  Bars can be a great way to get protien and some energy on the go, especially in the afternoon before a workout. I find that I read a lot of labels when looking at the “bars” I  choose for an occassional pre-workout healthy snack. Recently I came across a new and healthy bar to add into the mix and the best part is, it’s a local product. Local Chef Matthew May makes the all natural SMART BARS right here in my own city, Virginia Beach. These gluten free and sugar free snacks are a smart way to have a little sweet treat without wrecking your entire day.

A couple weeks ago I took a couple of  the SMART BARS into the office to share with my co-worker and fitness/nutrition pal Liz. As you can see from some of our snack choices below, we are always bringing each other healthy munchies such as un sweetened cold pressed juice, fruit, and nuts.  Liz was instantly hooked.  After we carefully inspected the labels, I found myself  sending her more information on the SMART BAR. Liz is pregnant with her second child, and mentioned how comfortable she would be feeding this snack to her health conscious family.

healthy snacks

smart bars

These bars are naturally sweet from the dried fruits and a little bit of dark chocolate. There is no sugar added.

smart bars

 A 1/2 a SMART BAR is the perfect portion for me when heading into a workout or just finishing one. Bars are sold in convenient 3, 6, or 12 packs and are about $2.50 each. SMART BARS are made to order so you can be guaranteed they are fresh. Simply order your bars and once they are ready, around 2 days, you will receive a call to pick them up at a convenient Town Center location.

smart bars


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