Half Marathon Training: Week 1

I’ll summarize week 1 by saying it was both confidence building and reaffirming. I can’t think of a better way or two better words to set the tone for this training season.

Let’s dive into that a bit more and give a little context to the martini in the post picture!
  1. Confidence Building: I saw paces I haven’t seen in so long. Sure we all can up the pace in a sprint, a stride, or a mile repeat, but holding paces and negatively splitting them along the way is another story. As I began to draft this post, I paused to try and recollect running those consistent paces, I can’t even remember. The solo speed and tempo runs I completed earlier in the week went well. Not to mention the months of rebuilding, strength training, and following a consistent routine since cleared from that vertigo. It was 4 days after Shamrock 8k last year I was first taken out. I am proud at what I have done to rebuild my fitness. I recognize this body and what is doing. I’m daring to dream of a clock time and more importantly feeling a grove for one that’s realistic and speedier than I first thought when committing to the goal a few weeks ago. Not in the predicting mindset yet, duh it’s week 1!
  2. Reaffirming: I vowed to run with the 9:30 group for the Saturday team runs. This was something I decided for myself. A pace I knew was just on the other side of my comfort zone. Honestly and proudly, I thought I’d be able to start around 9:45 and end at 9:30 knowing I’d have to work a bit. I run my Saturday runs in a negative split style. I have always done this and find it a fun way to pack in the miles, especially as I build distance. As I joined the pack on Saturday the weather could not have been more perfect. Sunny and a cold coastal morning at 38 degrees.  If you are a veteran you know how amazing these conditions are. For the newbies, I can appreciate being cold and uncertain of what is to come. Like many, I run better in the cold so I opted to start the watch and not check the paces until post run. It really didn’t matter much anyway, it was week 1 and I knew I would run 5. By the end of mile 3, I knew I was working. It was sometimes hard to talk, but chatting was still doable. At mile 4 I figured we were coming into that 9:30 range because while I felt strong, I felt worked. Someone called out the pace. 9:09. Wait what?! Proof that not only do you go farther together as a team, you can push harder too! Everything I am doing and have been doing is working! I delight in this often with my clients, but when it comes to me it can be harder to prove and recognize! I have learned so much over the years and feel so confident in the steps I’ve taken and with the plan I’ve put together. The ideal blend of strength, slow, speed, and self care. All equally important. The new warm up routine and daily rolling/ stretch combo are paying off! If you are interested in learning more about that, there are a few more training spots available for January.
1 week done and many more to go. I am observing the RIGHT NOW, coming out of it with confidence and comfort. Results like that make it easy to stay committed!
As far as the cocktails go, my Friday mid day Christmas cocktail might have been a good luck charm! Just in case, I’m sealing up my Sunday with a martini at home just to be sure. Extra dirty for good measure.
This Week’s Highlights
I completed 3 training runs, 6 days of stretching, 4 rolling sessions, 2 strength training circuits, and my nutrition was on point including just enough chocolate&  cocktails.
Saturday’s final mile was 8:49! Thanks and appreciation for this crew!

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