Half Marathon Training: Prepping To Train

So yup the little race voice spoke up a few weeks ago. You can read about what it said  here. While training hasn’t officially begun, the training prep has! I started this blog in 2011 to chronicle my solo training experience for the Shamrock Half when life was falling apart around me. I will be recording my journey once again, this time with a major difference. Life couldn’t be sweeter!  My support system couldn’t be stronger. Talk about a full circle moment! And happy blog birthday to TFP! 

Do you think a personal record or best can come in other forms than a race clock time? I’ve been thinking a lot about that lately. I believe so. What about a personally best executed training plan. 15+ weeks of workouts, recovery, and nutrition. How would you feel? What if you shifted your focus to the here and now of your training instead of the finish line clock. Wouldn’t the time take care of itself?  Maybe it was the Van Halen Right Now playing through my headphones, which is officially my Shamrock 2019 training anthem, as I ran over the Great Neck bridges earlier this week, it occurred to me. Right Now is where I will focus. 

GOAL SETTING: I’m spending a lot of training time lately talking with my clients about goals for 2019. Some want to focus on pull ups, some push ups, some meal prep, and many have running goals. I’m hosting a vision board workshop for them to tackle this topic on a deeper level. A lot of what we will discuss is how to execute getting to the goal. The day to day. We identify the what, then we work backwards with a plan. How often can we dedicate time to it daily, weekly and insert that into a schedule first. Once we determine the when, we strategically develop the how. If it’s fitness related, that’s where I come in. I like to do this going into the New Year, like a tradition. It sets the stage and the tone kinda like my ritualistic routine does for me every morning.

One of my 2019 fitness goals is to run the Shamrock half. I haven’t settled on a time for that yet. It’s too early to tell what I can expect. I am focused on my weekly and daily commitments to that goal instead. Weekly yoga, weekly spin, 2 weekday runs, 1 weekday run, and 2 strength training workouts each week. I’ll begin plugging them into a schedule that I can manage and realistically commit to. I write them down and will share them with you. It’s Shamrock 2019 but I believe it may be  my 20th year as a runner. I’ve only missed 5 since first running in 1994.

There are a few other training elements that compliment the pieces of my plan…because we know that training for a race is SOOOOO much more than miles.  I have noted them for you below. 

NEW GEAR: New toss away gloves, a new hat, a stash of socks, and few new other pieces in the mix, most will arrive via Santa in the next few weeks.

NEW RECIPES: The slow cooker will be in full force. I train clients one night a week and will attend a group run one night a week. Those cold, dark evenings will have me stumbling home hungry. Dinner needs to be ready to eat upon arrival. I’ll have no energy for cooking. There will be a weekly pasta dish, muffins, and fresh juice shots to keep immunity up! Check out some of those recipes here

NEW SHOES: I am a Brooks runner and the past two seasons I have enjoyed short speedy miles in the Levitate. Great for everyday strength, cross training, or short slow miles. The Levitates left me feeling a bit beat up for 5+ mile runs. I am going back to basics with the Launch model for this season. I want a bit more of a shoe and I have trained for multiple halfs in them with great results before. 

NEW STRENGTH & CROSS TRAINING ROUTINE: It’s a combo game for me. The goal is to keep the core, hips, glutes strong for running, but not over worked or stressed. Meanwhile, keeping the upper body toned and slightly defined to keep my body stacked and strong…and to compliment that wedding dress. Our wedding is this coming summer so no surprise my arms will be showing. That’s the only dress clue you’re gonna get 🙂 If you want to see what my day to day training looks like, I encourage you to follow along on IG. But the weekly schedule will be something like:

Monday: ST

Tuesday: speed

Wednesday: ST and XT w spin ( I added spin about a month ago to adjust to more time on my legs and simulate a running workout. This will allow me to run for only 3 days per week)

Thursday: tempo

Friday: yoga

Saturday: long run

Sunday: walk/rest/at home stretch

* There will be daily hip stretching, foam rolling, as well as a weekly Cryotherapy visit.

Let’s gear up, literally, and hit the road! Good luck and be sure to share your training challenges and champion worthy moments with me on social here! I pull inspo from you too!

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