Half Marathon Training Week 9: Lowered Intensity, More Workouts, and A Massive Pushup Challenge

I went into the week with 3 objectives.

  1. Consistency in the plan
  2. Add 1 additional workout to the week
  3. Keep the majority of my workouts at low intensity

Monday: it’s a 3 parter that took a total of 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Part 1: 45 minute morning spin. I spent the class with my monitor covered and let myself sink into the beat. Up the hills, out of the saddle, and more resistance than normal paid off HUGE. My personal best class this season.

Did you know that 45 of interval training puts you in fat burning mode? And no, I’m not on a diet or calorie counting for my wedding for those who have been wondering. The combination of cleaner eating and interval training with weights is doing magic on my muscles!

Part 2: 15 minute upper body circuit at home. Row-Bicep Curls-Overhead Press-T Raises-Hammer Curls

Part 3: 15 min total body stretch using bands with special focus on hips

Because I had the time, I was able to fit in the arm work. If your time is more limited, I suggest shortening either cardio or strength to keep room for some stretching. It’s sooo important for longevity of your sport!

Tuesday:  4 miles with 3 Lesner Bridge repeats in the middle before coffee and catch up with my friend and former track Tuesday partner Emily. She completely respected my sweaty coffee attire.

You don’t have to train before sunrise to be a beast. But if you’re interested, I’m down!

Wednesday: More spin! I added a second spin class this week and scheduling it midway through was an added bonus for a high intensity, low impact power burn. I just love those tap backs. 

Thursday: Date nigh – a neighborhood 5k, which turned into more of a chase followed by tacos at a fav local spot.

Friday: Morning stretch session at home and my initial wedding dress fitting, complete with a celebratory lunch and glass of sparkling rosé of course!

Ava Clara, you’ve been great in this process. I am beyond excited to wear this dress.

Saturday: It’s so freeing to just run and not work. It’s rewarding that 8 is now easy and requires little effort or planning. I’m on the climb to 13 now with 6 weeks to go til the Shamrock Half and I’m officially registered! 

Post run warm up by the Murphy’s fire.

Sunday: The Push Up Challenge. First off, Jason is an avid push up master. He does them all the time. He has been adding more reps to his daily plan and wanted to go after 1000 reps this weekend. Of course I wanted in on the action. We opted for a little pre-game #SweatySunday. Proof I’m with someone who makes me want to do better and do more than I think I can do. Proof I’m with the right partner.

I aimed for 300 reps. The idea would be to spread them out through the day, buffering them in between cleaning, meal prep, and blogging. Sunday’s are typically more about nutrition than exercise. I plan, prep, package up meals for the week. I had fun adding “push up breaks” into my normal routine. There was no expectation on this goal. It’s almost like running your first race. The goal is completion, not time. As well as seeing how much I could really complete. Quality not quantity! I finished with 300 unassisted or modified push ups. Jason, of course busted out 1,000. Next up, game day snacks! 

Why try this or any fitness challenge?

  1. You can do fitness anywhere, with little or no equipment.
  2. You will discover you are capable of doing more than you think you are.
  3. No matter how long something may take you or how long you’ve been away from it, you can always come back and pick it back up anytime.

As you go through the week, remember this. Each workout doesn’t have to be all out. It’s ok to finish your workout feeling like you could have tried one more rep. But don’t get too comfortable there. Aim for more! Be tired. Also have a lean protein packed snack or meal ready to go! Let your recovery begin and the reward will show.

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