Half Marathon Training: Week 8

Part of the reason I KEEP a training journal is so I can identify patterns. This helps me reflect on how I’m feeling and how I’m running. The reason I SHARE my journal is the hope that you may be inspired to do the same or in reading my notes, you might be able to relate and find my tips and recommendations useful.

8 weeks without missing one workout. 8 weeks without missing one stretch session. It may sound impressive to some, but to me it explained why I had been feeling so fatigued and achy. My body was telling me it was time for lighter week. Just over halfway to race day and training has been going great. I want to keep it that way. After some reflection on weeks 1-8, I opted to put in a down week of fitness. What that shaped up to look like: fewer workouts, lower mileage, and an extra rest day(s).

When I remember 2019, I won’t remember how many miles I ran and certainly not any of the paces. I will remember getting married to my best friend and the memories we made, celebrating all the things! That’s where fitness comes in. That’s the roll it will play. I want to be my best, feel my best, and certainly look my best for these moments. I think this year is a year of preparation. A year to be organized, to fit it all in. To prepare all the arrangements for our big day celebrating our big love! Kinda like our running. We are doing it as a team. We are tackling it together. I have a feeling we will leverage that energy as we roll right into  starting a family post wedding.

Managing our big full life and mothering this loving pup has made me more equipped. I find encouragement that women everyday manage even larger life loads while still maintaining their fitness. It’s a matter of negotiating their schedules. I see my clients do it all the time. We have to learn to let go of what’s not important, while keeping good intentions at the route of all training. I think you’ll see that reflected below.


Monday: partner workout and soup swap with Janet. 50 minute total body strength, core, and TRX

Tuesday: 800 m warm up10x 2 minutes at  60% – 70% effort| 800 m cool down 

I needed a little pace practice, so I hit the treadmill for some intervals. I love this workout because it’s quick. It’s also ideal for ANYONE because it’s intervals. 2 minutes on and 1 minute off. I ran it as 2 minutes at 60-70% or current 5k pace. With 1 minute jog recovery between. I used this to practice pacing, get some turnover and lower my overall mile time. This workout is MEGA fat burning. If you are new to fitness or even a walker, try the same time intervals. During your 2 min uptick, raise the speed a bit. Or go from a walk to a jog. Or go from a jog to a run. How’s that for HIIT?!

Wednesday: other than demo-ing a few new exercises, it was full on rest. I swapped my spin class for a night in where I spent time straightening the house, being followed around by the dog. That brought me some midweek joy!

Thursday: After spending the night with achy legs, I knew it was time to cash in one of those massage gift certificates. That morning was filled with nearly 2 hours on the table getting a sports massage and myofascial release. We discovered some new areas for care: left Achilles, left tibia, right hip of course, and gluteus minimus

By that afternoon, I knew I needed to rethink my plan for the rest of the week. There is a fine line between pushing through and benching yourself. Here is a text I sent my friend explaining my perspective.

“I told Jason last night my sense of determination isn’t even about the race. It’s about getting back to where I was pre vertigo and the birth control pill. I’ve made big changes in reclaiming my health so I’m excited about that. That excitement motivates me want to go hard. I’m remembering to slow down every other day or so and recoup in order to go hard again. That’s the key. Call it balance or call it a well rounded program. But it’s working 👊🏻”

Friday: rest

Saturday: pre run yoga, 6 miles, post run stretching 

Sunday: rest

It’s funny how perspective about exercise changes with seasons of life. It’s less about outrunning or outworking my peers. It’s ALL about being the best version of myself. That means the strongest, the healthiest, the most rested, the most at peace, and the most accepting of my current state.

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