Half Marathon Training: Week 7

I started the week off feeling the most tired I have felt since half marathon training started. It was an overall body fatigue. Weeks of running, lifting, spinning, and stretching were leaving me tired but also leaving me feeling more fit than I have felt in a while.


With that being said, I knew I needed to adjust my plan a little. Specifically, dial it back. I was scheduled to tackle my first 10 miler in over 18 months, and I wanted to have enough gas in the tank come Saturday morning. You will see from this past week’s schedule I turned down the intensity a bit, added more sleep, and took in more fuel, including my first cocktail since Christmas Day. It paid off immensely! 

Monday: Total body partner workout. One of my closest friends asked me to design a workout we would complete in her home gym.  A full 50 minute dose of strength and HIIT! It was everything!  The workout was such a hit, it showed up later that afternoon in a workplace wellness sesh for my client and her coworker. 

Tuesday: Sore and tired is an understatement!  I opted for a total rest day. The goal is to push yourself sure, but never so hard that you can’t keep going. I am a fan of making fitness work for you and letting it fit into your existing life. I find that when it is forced, it simply doesn’t work. This season I am remembering just that.

“Push where you can… make fitness work for you!”

I stayed home for most of the day and stayed off my feet. I also made a double recipe of this pasta and brussels sprouts dish!

Wednesday: The extra rest and carb boost from the day before made a positive difference. I woke eager for my clients in the morning followed by a 4 mile shake out before lunch.  I kept my appointment for an evening spin class and kept my resistance and reps at an easy clip. 

Thursday: An ideal morning to sleep in! It was a pajamas-workout clothes- pajamas kind of day! I made it to our team tempo meet up that night. Jason came too, and kindly offered to run with me. Our friend Katy joined us as well. Soon after mile 1, I could feel him begin to push the pace (which was still extremely easy for him). Katy and I adjusted and hung on accordingly per our milage and pace plans. Needless to say, chasing him down the boardwalk worked in our favor. Katy ran her fastest 4 and I hit 5, finishing in the 8’s. 

Friday: Massive stretch session at home. I spent the 9am hour of Today on my mat stretching, accompanied by all the rolling tools. I followed that with an at home face mask, a blended coffee, and a 3 minute visit to Restore for some cryo! 

Saturday: In it for the long run. The 10 miles was a complete success. 7 spent alongside one of my best gals, no pace pressure. As I ventured off on my own for the final 3, I cranked my music and headed over the Rudee Bridge. My playlist was loaded with vintage rap and Rump Shaker was on blast! Funny how the pace magically dropped. Proof I can still run 10 and chuckling as I noted the quote “everything hurts and I’m NOT dying!“, now I will practice running that 8-10 distance a little faster before I make another mileage jump. We celebrated the double digit run with a cake tasting and a date night! 

Sunday: A little extra coffee and couch time before heading to a mid morning spin class. Heading to the studio the day after a long run can be tricky. I have to leave my ego at home, settle into the music and use the class for what it is… RECOVERY! Jason tagged along and was a trooper since the class turned into a full on lady jam session! I appreciated the music and the opportunity to get out of my own head. The energy was high as well as the volume, luckily no one could hear me singing loudly to Taylor Swift.

We ended the weekend with football, nachos, and some clean meal prep for the week. I am completely in my groove with this routine and am fully in for the next 54 days of half training!

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