Half Marathon Training: Week 6

Week 6 with more workouts than normal, daily exhaustion, and an unbreakable mental outlook.

This week was #pack -ed full of fitness! Before the week began, I knew I had a little schedule juggling to do to fit in everything I wanted to do this week: work, workouts, cooking, wedding stuff. It was time for Pack Week for the J&A Training Team. Each pack week workout started before sunup. I knew I wanted to attend as many sessions as possible. For one week each training season, our leaders comes up with unique, challenging, and inspirational workouts all around our fit city.

When I committed to the team this season, I went all in! Thursday and Saturday team meet ups are be a weekly personal priority. I haven’t been able to participate in team events like this for the past few seasons.

Monday Day 1: Boardwalk finish line loops & burpees.

Tuesday Day 2: Glow mile. Nothing like unexpected torrential rain in your face as you try and tackle an all out road mile at 5:40 am! Ohhhh and glow sticks.

Wednesday Day 3: November Project. Something cool about our team is that we can recognize other teams or groups who share a similar vibe. Just imagine the energy exchanged when we combine forces. That was Wednesday on the top on Mt. Trashmore. A nicely crafted combo of strength, speed, cardio, hills and a few sneaking fitness challenges along the way. Hello total body! There’s something killer about a stair climb, but doing a set of them while watching the sunrise over your city is outstanding.

Thursday Day 4: This team has a way of expanding our experiences beyond the running realm. Ann and the staff of Studio Bamboo really understand runners and our passion for the sport. They have a way of helping us recalibrate our bodies without shaming us.

Friday Day 5: This day brought a phenomenal finale. The Huntington  Who knew bridge repeats on a Friday were a thing. Normally I would have been nervous about tackling this the day before a long run. I decided to trust our coach, trust myself, and just go for it! The wind was blowing at a real feel of 20 in VB. I’m torn as to what made the morning so outstanding. It could have been running with a new friend and sharing convo about healthy living and wellness. It could have been the post run coffee with my sister in law. I’m not gonna question why it was amazing. I’m just gonna honor it!

By the end of Friday afternoon, I was toast. I ate dinner at 4:30, made a new playlist, and was in the bed by 8:30. I knew I was going for an 8 mile redo Saturday morning. (Last Saturday was a mind trick with paces nearly 2 minutes of and a slighter shorter route.) Because I am a bit between pace groups I knew I’d be tackling most of this week’s 8 alone, hence the playlist. I needed to get out of my own head and have fun during that time.

Saturday Day 6: Long run plan of attack:

Mile 1: nothing faster than 9:30

Miles 2-6: go on feel and don’t drop below 9

Mile 7-8: roll on effort

Mission complete with some audible singing and dancing up and down the feeder roads. Lucky for me our team was running repeats of a 4 mile loop and I was able to feed off the electric energy on the out and back.

Sunday: scheduled for a shake out spin


The week was equal parts running and napping. It also brought a fair amount of unexpected mental training, focusing on only one day at a time. And remembering even if you’re tired the next day, just get up & show up! By Wednesday evening my entire mindset had changed…I had originally set out to attend 4 of the workouts to earn free bragging rights and a t-shirt…but it turned out I attended all 5 workouts, the Saturday long run, and a strength training session of my own. The week brought a healthy dose of self confidence and mental toughness. I didn’t have to plan anything and I didn’t even know what the workouts were ahead of time. It was such a welcome break to flip rolls and step into participation mode instead of leading. It was a sort of mind meditation. A recharge. A regain of trust in my own fitness ability. Turns out, I’m tough enough, and I’m strong enough. I love the lessons I learn from fitness, especially the ones from running!

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