Half Marathon Training: Week 5

Saturday’s are for long runs!

J&A Training Team, Shamrock 2019. How cool that this many people show up ?

Also, Saturday’s are for streaming. Check out my watch list below. I love curling up after those runs, post stretch and hot shower, for some binging. There’s no need to justify it after a cold winter morning run, or one that is tank top appropriate and brings a mini hail storm. Hey VB, what was that yesterday? The rainbow at the end was a nice touch though. I already had an afternoon of Netflix watching planned, and after a lackluster 7 miler, I was all about it. Complete with a bag of Trader Joe’s Nacho Cheese chips, seems to be my half marathon go to this season. IDK.

Can’t Stop!

Back to Training. Things are going well. I’m steadily and slowly increasing my weekly mileage at a smart up tick. Until now, Tuesday’s have been my go-to shake out run days. Moving forward they will be used for speed workouts, which means I will need to add a run or spin day on Sunday/Monday to rid the rust from my legs. Sort of like a shake out activity. I implemented that new practice today with spin.

Here’s why I’m adding in another short run.

1. I need practice running on tired legs for sure!

2. A short, low intensity shake out will be a safe way to add in some miles.

MONDAY: NYE yoga flow with Studio Bamboo 

TUESDAY: 5 conversation pace miles w 6 strides

WEDNESDAY: strength, total body

THURSDAY: 4.25 miles, Fartlek

FRIDAY: 50 minute stretch/yoga/roll out at home

SATURDAY: long run, 7 miles #strugglebus

SUNDAY: Spin preview ride at CYCLEBAR Hilltop! The playlist was epic. Who knew the Big Little Lies theme was an ideal spin song! 

16+ running miles for the week

Post Sunday Ride, w Kettie General Manager


Monday: Nailed crow pose in the NYE yoga flow! And successfully attempted wild-thing. 

Thursday: ran 20 seconds faster than goal pace for Fartlek run

Friday: 50 minutes of independent study mat time at home featuring some stretching and rolling.

Sunday: Spin, and Jason joined as well! A new fitness date idea 🙂

***I took some measurements for the first time since August (prompted by a few people mentioning I looked as though I had lost weight) and was intrigued to see a 3 lb weight loss. I also have lowered my body fat percentage. The happiest part about this realization was what I didn’t do to accomplish it. I didn’t count calories. I didn’t measure portions. I didn’t log my nutrition. The combination of strength training, increased cardio and cleaner eating habits…while keeping quality of life and some indulgences have made a phenomenal difference. I am changing my overall body composition. I feel great! 

Now back to more Netflix….

Recently Binged

Dumplin – Loved it, such a great message! 

Tidying Up with Marie Kondo – Already refolded all my dresser items! 

Lady Gaga Five Foot Two – Can’t get enough of her! 

Birdbox – I don’t know if I liked it or not. Def weird, not for the faint of heart! 

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