Half Marathon Training Week 4: Tips For Getting Back In The Swing Of Things

We kicked off the week with Christmas. That meant less cardio and more cocktails on my schedule! I not only looked forward to a lax schedule, I allowed for it, and more importantly, I enjoyed it to the fullest. After 3 weeks of hitting half marathon training hard, and meal planning like a boss, I welcomed the pause. With a holiday coming so early in the training season, it makes for celebrating pretty conducive. Little to no penalty in your paces on race day from observing lower intensity at this stage of the game. I went full in on the festive eating, drinking, and lounging while keeping up with my miles. Here’s how the week went. 

Week 4 Goal : 

Completion. Remembering that training and living well is in more than just the miles logged. No stress on the intensity or pressure in the paces. Just show up! 

Monday: I opted to move Tuesday’s run to Monday to have a pass on Christmas. Conversation pace 4 miler pre Christmas Eve celebration with Jason (Avg 10:30). At home stretch session followed by plenty of red wine with a side of pasta Bolognese at my parents.

Tuesday: Rest day filled with presents, a beach visit, creamsicle mimosas, homemade French toast and a massive pile of bacon courtesy of my future in-laws! 

Christmas morning between presents and breakfast

Wednesday: Rest from exercise. Cross training in the form of a massive post Christmas clean and home organization, including the purge of old workout clothes. Making room for new! Drafted January strength sessions for clients and myself. Giddy up friends, it is gonna be good: think core, jump rope, and a few new moves I will save as a surprise!

Thursday: Simmered homemade vegetarian slow cook sweet potato chili. 4 mile run, 2 @tempo (8:52, 8:37) feeling all the low grade fuel I’ve been consuming. 

Friday: Yoga at home, bought a juicer, meal planning for January

Saturday: long run of 6, held steady around 9:30 against for 1 rogue pace at mile 3 clocking 9:05. Needless to say it made miles 4,5,6 a bit of a fight to keep paces. Came home for morning meditation with Mark Divine, a morning nap, and a juicing session! I like this new post run routine. 

Sunday: TBD

Cage Free Turmeric Veggie Skillet

I look forward to kicking off the New Year in a couple days and celebrating all of 2018! Que the martinis please! Speaking of 2019, many of you have asked me about the best ways to get back in the swing of things. Here are a few of my tips I whole hearted share with you. 

  1. Allow and Expect To Indulge: By allowing for those once a year holiday treats, you will find yourself feeling ready for cleaner, leaner, greener. Your body will tell you what it needs. Listen to it and lean in to it. Cravings come in the form of greens too. 
  2. Pick Up Where You Left Off: If you keep a regular workout routine and follow a healthy nutrition program, the best thing you can do is simply restart it. Go to your normal weekly yoga class, sip your water, and restock your kitchen with your go-to grocery list. My breakfast pictured above is a cage free egg skillet with turmeric and vegetables.
  3. Drink Up: I’ve upped the water intake. Consider making a large pitcher of spa water. Use leftover citrus peels and fresh herbs. If juice is your thing, swap a cold pressed mocktail for that evening cocktail. Flush and heal the body with nutrients. 
  4. Don’t Go To Extremes: No I won’t be going on a cleanse. I will be going back to cleaner eating though. Don’t take your gut or nutrition from one extreme to the other.  Swapping splurge-city eating for a fast or cleanse is like taking hitting the breaks going 80 mph. Stick to what works for you during non-holiday eating. 
  5. Do 1 Thing Each Day That Is Good For You, It Doesn’t Have to be Exercise:  Each day I challenge myself and my clients to do one thing that’s good for our health. On most days, it’s usually more than one thing and those things can come in many forms. The obvious choice is exercise. But…it could be creating a new Pinterest board of healthy recipes, meal prepping, packing your lunch, practicing meditation, stretching, auditing your social media feed, or reciting a self love mantra. The choice is yours!

These tips work great for post vacation too. Life is meant to be lived and celebrated! Feeling your best and fueling your best makes those times possible. No Need to wait for NYE to incorporate healthy decision making, start today and get a head start! Cheers!

Post run sipper: fresh carrot, apple, celery, citrus, ginger and cayenne

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