Half Marathon Training: Week 3

Week three of half marathon training brought all sorts of Christmas prep, cravings, and an increase in cardio! 

By last Sunday evening my cravings were at an all time high. Luckily, Jason was kind enough to make an emergency pizza run. It was a wake up call to adjust my meal planning to include more carbs and fats. The increase in weekly cardio was doing its job. I had become a calorie burning machine.

As a result, an easy meal I put together on Tuesday was a DIY table taco bar. I pan grilled a pound each of lean chicken and flank steak from The Village Butcher. I chopped peppers, onions, jalapeños, lettuce and filled an extra large tupperware with the goods. I had a stack of tortillas, some cheese, and salsa ready to go. Taco Tuesdays at home might become a half marathon regular! 

Speaking of short cuts are you familiar with Paperless Post. It’s an online invitation site. As a user of their service, I was excited to get an email from them asking to collaborate. As a business owner and a woman planning my wedding, any help with correspondence these days is appreciated. I decided to use Paperless Post to send out a digital Christmas card this year. If you love unique cards or invitations, they have plenty of styles and designs to choose from. There is also an option to upload your own image as well. I opted to use my own design that I crafted up from our engagement photos and my Canva design software. With a few simple copy and paste of email address, our cards were addressed and then delivered. No post office, no problem. I highly recommend Paperless Post. Ideal for invites, cards, or mass correspondence. Many of their styles are completely customizable.  Getting cozy on the couch with my computer was the perfect post run activity!

Another full week of dynamic warm ups, strength training, and the beginning stages of speed showing through. 

Monday: strength training, 12 Days of Christmas Ladder, stretching

Tuesday: 5 progression miles on tired legs, 10 min stretch, 10 min foam rolling, 40 minute compression session

Wednesday: Full rest day. Deep stretching, 10 min foam rolling

Thursday: Upper body circuit, 10 min Roll Recovery pre run, 4 mile tempo run, 10 min stretch, 10 min foam rolling 

Friday: Rest Day: gentle yoga, 2:30 minute Cryotherapy

Saturday: 10 min Roll Recovery pre run, 8 miles, 25 minute stretch. I felt a massive leg hangover from Thursday’s tempo during this run. I planned to slow the pace a bit to accommodate the miles. The goal was to stay in the 9’s. Goal accomplished!

Post run reward of family Christmas party fun. Here is my annual cousin picture with these cuties. After a few cocktails and many Christmas cookies of course!

Sunday: Rest, meal plan, stretch/roll combo, Review of next week’s plan and… All the Christmas things!

While we are are on the topic of running, I want to discuss the word priority when it comes to fitness. I believe health should be at the top of our list. I believe it is a way we honor. When we are using our bodies to do good, we are able to serve others with our talents. I wrestle with exactly where on that list our health/fitness should fall. But I do know this. I can’t serve others to the best of my ability if I am empty, depleted, or uninspired. If I’m not healthy or fit, then my world just wouldn’t work as well. It doesn’t mean I have to count calories and maintain a certain weight standard. To me, it means living my best life with quality workouts that are good for my heart and while building muscle. I fuel myself with clean quality food the majority of the time and can appreciate my relationship with treats and indulgence, especially this time of year. It is all of that! This past week of 17 miles left me feeling at times beat up, but overall strong and like a beast! 12 weeks til show time and I am loving logging these miles and all that comes with it. I can’t get enough. 

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