Half Marathon Training: Week 2

Another full week of life, not to mention prepping for all the Christmas fanfare. Less than two weeks away now!

Speaking of countdowns. It’s 3 months til shamrock and 6 months til I walk down the aisle. We recently purchased our wedding bands and booked our honeymoon!!! It is feeling real and exciting! That provided the perfect dose of motivation and a mantra for my weekend long run. 6 months, 3 months! – on repeat as I pounded out the last two miles of Saturday’s 6.

It’s clear to me the past 6 months of strength training has given me a huge advantage going into this training cycle. I reluctantly swapped out some of my favorite strength moves in exchange for more miles. A little tweak to my program to keep the legs fresh, but still engaged. More mobility work, especially in the glutes, hips, and hams. If you train with me and are planning on a Spring race, you noticed your strength training has changed a bit too. Rep count and weight amount fluctuate based on what your fitness goals are. It’s also clear that my regular stretching and rolling practice are keeping my body in good shape. I’ve been saying it repeatedly, but let me state it emphatically: your miles are only a part of your program! Would you like to have a great run once? Wouldn’t you rather build on that successful run week after week with quality workouts and a stellar recovery program?

All in all, I’m thrilled to see the paces I’m putting out and how well I’m recovering. It’s week two of training and I haven’t layered in speed yet. I’m twenty seconds off my half marathon PR pace, so there’s that. Let’s see where this plan takes us! 

I’m enjoying the journey and the training and especially the Saturday splurge meals. I’m not taking things too seriously this time around. I don’t have the time to or the need to prove anything other than I can still run 13.1. I can’t remember ever feeling this relaxed at the beginning of a training cycle. Running is enjoyable and training for a race is just a fabulous game I get to play with myself. It’s been 3 years since I’ve even thought about a half and man is it fun! I’m remembering and implementing the tactics that I know work for me, all while observing cocktail hour on Friday nights. Keeping the perspective of quality of life in top priority. I feel certain the race will take care of itself. One workout at a time, one week at a time. I am staying in the now and celebrating the work I do each day from workouts to wellness!

Saturday Dinner with Friends at The Landing

Last week’s plan

Monday – meal prep, total body strength and stretching

Tuesday – 37 min Christmas Light fun run, stretching, foam rolling

Wednesday – upper body strength & spin

Thursday – 4 mile tempo, stretch and foam rolling

Friday – deep yoga stretch at home

Saturday – 6 miles, negative split the second half with those miles in goal race pace

Sunday – options include: rest, meal planning and recipe selection for the week, stretch, nap, optional roll, do nothing, Netflix binge (accepting recs)

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