Half Marathon Training Week 14: Training Is Complete

This week served up a dose of stress (another blog for another day) or what I refer to as faith building. Perfect timing as Ash Wednesday feel smack in the middle of the week. I was thankful for that, because I needed the push to pray and repent.  Between that and the workout load, I slid into Friday completely worn out. 

Mindful morning with the pup Friday.

Monday: It has become a two part approach, 

PHYSICAL FITNESS: trained clients, lead a FB live workout for my client group, trained myself with a full body strength session using 15 lb weights, and a spin class 

SPIRITUAL FITNESS: I listened to another chapter discussion of A New Earth.  I made my worship plans for Wednesday. 

Tuesday: An upper body circuit with TRX, bosu ball, and free weights with Janet in her home gym in the morning. Recovery paced 800 meter repeats with Katy during her training circuit in an afternoon session. 

Wednesday: It would be a rest day in all forms of fitness. My weekly evening spin class would be substituted with a church service. But before that, I had a handful of clients to train. And one in particular that would include worship.

Ash Wednesday is one of my favorite days of the year. I think it may be one of the most important. I wrote about it in great detail last year. If you need to hear a story of faith, I encourage you to read here

As Wednesday approached I was invited to attend a Catholic service before training my client Mary. I felt honored and 100% on board to join her as a friend that morning. The service of prayer, healing, and peace was needed and left me feeling refreshed. I spent more of Wednesday in prayer, a true out loud dialogue with God. These days I am finding myself craving more time in stillness. More time in quiet. More time without media of any kind. I love the idea of the #latergram and #unplugging. I installed a usage tracker on my phone in hopes of abandoning it more. You may notice this on my media channels. My hope is that you witness more intentional, purposeful posts. That may also mean at times, less frequent. 

I am practicing being in the NOW. Being present. Observing the future and planning for it, without worrying about it or trying to control the how. I recognized Friday that by doing that, I am only underestimating God. How quickly we forget the miracles and blessings he has brought us. 

Jason is great at this. He isn’t on social media so he isn’t distracted with anything other than the moment at hand. When he’s talking to you, he has a way of making you and your words feel important. He is truly present. He is completed on this all the time. 

It got me thinking…

How can you translate that to your workout or well being? Are you present? Where are your muscles engaging? What is happening with your breath? What hurts? What feels strong? Can you abandon your burdens for a short time to refresh your body and spirt? To build strength?

I wrapped the day with a service at my home church with Jason and my parents.

Thursday: It was a wonderful day spent with my future Mother in Law working on our wedding registry. When it came time for a workout, it was the final Thursday night meet up for our training team. I had 40 minutes or 4 miles scheduled, whatever came first. I landed on 38 conversation paces miles with my girls. 

Jason had this waiting for me at home 🙂

Friday: I had plans to sleep. With just over a week until the race, sleep and nutrition are trumping everything. I spent the afternoon with my future sister in law having a healthy nutritious lunch and doing some shopping for Shamrock Gear. 

Saturday: I woke with all the feels. The final Saturday training run was here. I had 6 miles to do. The temps were cool and idyllic for running. There was a fair amount of wind, which worked in my favor on the tail end. Let’s hope next Sunday goes as smooth. Jason and I later celebrated that run with huge bowls of She Crab and afternoon naps. 

I loved having these gals run me in for my final training team run. Clients, friends, teammates, one in the same! #FitFam
Post run stretch of 35 minutes followed by tis breakfast at home.

I posed the following question nearly 15 weeks ago here.

Do you think a personal record or best can come in other forms than a race clock time? I’ve been thinking a lot about that lately. I believe so. What about a personally best executed training plan. 15+ weeks of workouts, recovery, and nutrition. How would you feel? What if you shifted your focus to the here and now of your training instead of the finish line clock.

My half marathon training program is complete. It is a plan I wrote myself. It’s one with double digit runs. It’s one with great attention paid to strength training, stretching, and recovery. It is one that compliments my current season of life without over taking it. It is a plan that I built for a distance that I haven’t tackled in 3 years. I am so proud of this one and I haven’t even run the race yet. 

That is the accomplishment. That is something to celebrate in itself. I’m already fulfilled. I’m already satisfied. Next Sunday will be very personal for me. 2+ hours of running a course I enjoy in the city I love. And it happens to finish on the boardwalk right in front of our wedding venue. It will mark 3 months til I do and put a cork in 20+ Shamrocks as a Horton. A new chapter has started with new page turning adventures and challenges. I’m equipped, prepared, and excited to begin! 

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