Half Marathon Training Week 13: Race Day Strategy and Skinny Margaritas

The training is complete, the plan is made!

Monday: Total body strength training. Heavier weight and high rep count of 39 in honor of my birthday 🙂 And speaking of birthday, these gals surprised me with a post workout birthday party! 

Post workout at Mary’s office!
She brought cake!

Tuesday: Suns out, shamrocks out! By the boardwalk,  the dolphins were putting on a show. Pods up and down the coast which made my 37th st practice eventful. I left my watch at home. The goal was simply soak up the sun, practice the finish, and get a little turnover. I got that in the form of strides. 6 to be exact at the end of my run. My entire workout was 30 minutes. The test flight in my new shoes went well. I felt really light.  I am getting excited about the day!

Wednesday: I’ve been on a meditation kick lately. I seriously need it in my life like I need prayer. I decided to share the vibe with my clients. We did active visualizations this week as many of them wrap up final preparations for their own personal Shamrock races. Speaking of clients, I had a new client consult in the middle of the day. Another bride!!! What a fun time for a few members of Team TFP. There’s currently 3 brides sweating for the wedding, glowing and growing from the inside out.

North End Juice Co. Client Meeting

Wednesday evening ended with a date night Jason planned at the spin studio followed by take out. Oh that man gets me! He even rode in the front row with me.

Thursday: I took a personal day. I have only missed a couple of workouts this season and Thursday brought enough in the way of personal junk that I took the evening to be at home.

Friday: I woke ready to tackle the day. It was full on computer mode between a work project, wedding invitations, and registry. A good way to spend a gloomy rest day at home. Tackling my lofty to do list helped ready me for the last long longish run of shamrock training.

Saturday: I slept so hard I was startled by my alarm. Jason had to work so I headed to our team run solo. For some reason I had nervous belly but I don’t think the 8 miles ahead of me were it. It was cool and cloudy and by the time I got to the Oceanfront, it was drizzling…AGAIN! But the company I had for nearly the entire run was warm. I was with my pace group buds for 6 miles. As they finished I went on to my last two alone. I spent those final miles on the last part of the half marathon course. 37th street was waiting for me and once again it delivered a nice rush for a perfect finish to my negative split miles. It’s encouraging  for me to know I can run tired, especially after last weeks 11 miler. I’m ready for March 17 and I am feeling more confident about the day. Each Saturday I’ve managed to get a little faster the farther I go.

After Saturday’s fun, I had some time to kill. I enjoyed stretching by the Murphy’s fireplace and post run coffee with friends.

Tribe TFP at J&A Team Run
Sister In Law Selfie

The day continued with wedding cake tasting with Mom and Dad.

I wouldn’t mind a cake tasting every Saturday after our long run!

I sealed the weekend with an impromptu girls night with Sarah. The relationship I have with my future sister in law is so special. It’s such a gift that we have a relationship independent of the guys. It was a perfect evening of sipping and chatting all things from running to weddings.

Skinny & Spicy Margarita

Sunday: Rest, wedding errands, and regular weekly food prep.

My Race Day Plan: Based on my weekly long run average pace, I predict my race time to be 2:00-2:15 depending on weather conditions and other external factors. I have decided to start near the 2:15 pace group. My strategy is to negative split the course. I train this way. I find this way more enjoyable physically and more relaxed mentally than if I was to run a sustained pace. Us locals are fortunate enough to be able to train on the course weekly. And my expericne with this half over the years brings some learnings. I like to visualize this particular course in chunks. A 5k at a time. Grouping the miles like this makes my nutrition game easy to manage as well. Every 5k or nearly every 30 minutes I will take a few Honey Stinger Chews.  I will watch the weather for final gear adjustments. But as of now I plan shorts, tank, a toss away long sleeve, ear warmers, and gloves. My Nike pocket sports bra will hold my nutrition and extra glide. On my feet with be short Stance socks and The Shamrock printed Launch. I am lucky that Brooks makes this pattern in my training shoe!  I am ready to settle in for the Shamrock ride. I’m excited to participate in a distance I haven’t entertained in over 3 years. I feel completely relaxed and prepared. 

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