Half Marathon Training Week 12: Longest Run

It was a major week of enlightenment. The week of my birth per usual shed light on my growth and new perspective. I made the decision to keep all of the learnings under one post so when I reflect back on this time, it’s all here.

After a little mini retreat in OBX last weekend, it’s time to buckle down and power through the final few weeks of Shamrock Half Marathon training. It’s the time in training where I’m tired. It’s the time in training where I’m starting to crave: new workouts, heavier legs days, and less carbs. That’s how I know I’ve trained well. I’ve been pretty diligent with routine. Only a few weeks left before I flip the switch.

Monday: I upped the weight. I’m now playing with 15 lb dumbbells during my upper body circuit. The bump will burn fat and coupled with my lean protein diet, will build some lean muscle mass helping me redesign my body composition…because wedding and honeymoon goals! My strength training workouts these days are between 20-40 minutes. I have enjoyed participating in a spin class from Cyclebar on Monday’s as well. I’m proudly using the heavier bar during the arm track and as far as resistance goes, I’ve held steady on the climbs the past two weeks in double digits! Another non scale victory !!!

Tuesday: I woke really wanting to do a weighted leg day. But I’ve pushed much of that to the side the past few months. It’s too much trauma on my hip while running more miles. Strength has been more about mobility and muscle engagement instead. But the sun was out for a brief moment in the week and the temps were ideal for a run. Time for 37th street practice once again. And wouldn’t you know, as soon as I finished my 4 miles and began my cool down walk, the epiphany came like a lightning bolt. It was a complete shift in perspective. I love running. I love it when I can negative split like I did that day, in the wind, and see finishing numbers sub goal pace. It’s a feeling of fulfillment. That being said, race times don’t serve me the same way anymore. Or at least right now.

I’m running 13.1 in a few weeks. It will be on complete feel and day of energy. I know it will go great. 2+ hours of party time on the pavement. From that race, my success or joy isn’t just measured by my time on the clock that morning. I have 5 clients, 1 fiancé, a couple of besties, my dad, and my sister in law hitting the road. The spiritual fuel I get from them is indescribable. With 20+ half’s under my belt, the sub 2 time has lost it’s luster as a personally accomplishment. Been there, done that, twice.

Bigger and bolder things to do lay ahead. Things I’ve never done. I’ve stopped thinking small. I’m expanding. Going big with goals for home, family, business…all the while allowing fitness and health to stay a complimenting sidekick. Like my faith, it’s a recharging and power source.

I’m focused on new high value targets as Mark Divine would say. When I feel healthy and strong, I can hit those targets.

I signed up for this race for all the right reasons. Fitness, grounding, bonding, and structure. The closer I get to that finish line, the closer I get to the isle and to that exciting uncharted territory ahead.

I use to think that my performance as a trainer was judged by what I personally would accomplish, how clean I ate, how fast I could run, what my abs looked like. Boy was I wrong. It’s by what my clients, friends, and family are saying about me. I believe my passion makes me good at my craft. It’s probably because I’m not the fastest or strongest that makes me really understanding with clients. I’ve had dozens of injuries and setbacks. And now I’m embarking into wifehood, which will bring it’s own set of circumstances and priorities. I want to feel good, look good, and have energy for the life I’ve cultivated and prayed for. I think many women want just that. They want to learn skills and tricks to keep fitness in their life while their obligations and relationships ebb and flow.

Wednesday: trained 3 clients using their heaviest weights yet, not to mention the plank circuit they are mastering.

Thursday: 4 evening miles with the team. Intentionally left the watch at home.

Friday: Rest and an early dinner with my future in laws.

Saturday: I was scheduled for 11. The forecast was scheduled to be cold and wet. Any veteran Shamrocker knows what that means. Once again I mentally prepared myself for a solo run. With the rain forecasted, I knew it would be a no go on the playlist. Nothing like a little mental toughness training for two hours right? I’m at the point now where I know I’m tough already and don’t feel the need to keep proving it. However, I wasn’t willing to move or reschedule my long run just because of a less than desirable weather report. That morning temps were low 40’s. Drizzle was light at the start. It was a shorts, jacket, and trucker hat kind of day. Our team was running to the boat ramp in the park. Locals know this route, it’s usually not one of my favorites. But for some reason Saturday, I found it peaceful and refreshing. The uneven pavement took its toll on my body and miles 7,8,9 weren’t pretty. I had to stop for hip openers twice. By the time I hit the 37th street turn, as I had hoped, my body and form returned to normal. I was running! Actually keeping a pace! I now know I can run 11 miles surprisingly easy. It was just after mile 10 Jason came up behind me. He was finishing his 12+ mile run in 8’s! He ran with me for a bit hen cut me loose. I finished and with .17 to go my friend Jen ran me in. Cue the confidence!

  1. My longest run in 3 years.
  2. Was still talking at the end
  3. Had enough in me for a strong finish
  4. Didn’t need music

I feel so good about March 17. The completion part of the program should be no problem.

Post run we grabbed the biggest coffees Starbucks had and headed home to get warm. I think Millie knew I worked hard and was cold b/c she curled her head up in my lap. The evening brought dinner out with Jason, followed by martinis at home with cheesecake. Thanks Jonathan and Sarah <3

Sunday: Grocery shopping, meal prep, fridge organization, and an afternoon curled up watching A Star Is Born.

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