Half Marathon Training Week 11: Light on the Run, Heavy on the Love

You may have noticed over the last 11 weeks that training for a half this time around has been equal parts mental growth and physical strength from the inside out.

I think it’s kinda cute that people think they are gonna train for a race in hopes of bettering their fitness. I was there once and was blissfully unaware of how much I would be bettering my emotional and spiritual well being as well. I feel honored to witness that moment when new runners realize that running is actually strengthening all the muscles they can’t see. And I believe that’s why people continually sign up for more. For me it’s that way. “Look how strong, stable, and grounded I became before. What will happen this time around?”

Word to the wise, if someone close to you is training for a race…Don’t ask them how fast they are running. Ask them what they have learned along the way!

Monday: Sticking with the theme: growth in wellness from the inside out. I’ve been following along with Eckhart Tolle and Oprah every Monday for the past 6 weeks. They’ve embarked on a weekly podcast discussion series of his book, A New Earth. It is one of the most important pieces of work I’ve come to know. In turn, it’s brought some of the most important self reflective work I’ve come to do. I first learned about Eckhart 9 years ago from time I spent time with a phenomenal therapist. She was the most kind, enlightened, and encouraging soul. She planted little seeds of wisdom in me. I’ve let those continue to grow slowly and surely over the years to further mature my spirt and skills. When I heard this series come about on Oprah’s site, I was immediately drawn on. I highly URGE you to commit and listen to this weekly shared dialogue. If you’ve suffered any sort of struggle, if you carry pain, and if you have ever have had anxious feelings it’s for you. Basically if you are a human, you need this. As far as my physical fitness for the day, I got in a great spin class and completed a short shoulder/bicep circuit at home.

Tuesday: I wake the same time each day. I have my coffee and some morning, I send up prayers or mantras to kick start the day. I am a firm believer in keeping routine. I am also a firm believer in sleep. With that I allowed myself to sleep in an hour. As I reflected on Monday’s learnings it was one to run. It’s the time in this half training season to practice the finish. Whether I’m racing or not, I annually practice the 37th street turn to the boardwalk as race day approaches. That spot holds a fun memory of my cousin Brittany’s Beach Bach party. Ironically, it marks the space where I will kick it into overdrive finishing this half marathon at my own wedding venue along the beach. Finishing a race is completely mental. It’s visual. It’s soulful (sole). If I can practice running tired and tough there for the next few weeks, I believe that on March 17 my body will go into autopilot and take me home. First finish practice went off without a hitch. A 5k negative split provided a great workout setting to run tired. Wouldn’t you practice a big presentation or sales pitch before going in cold? I was taught to believe if it’s important to you, you practice it.

Wednesday: Mid week motivation via spin. My legs had no turn over left. I sat on the bike. I covered the monitor. I stayed in the saddle more than normal and added a few extra pushups while dancing to the beat.

Thursday: Valentine’s Day! By mid morning I had a large vase of roses, a heartfelt card, and plans for a surprise weekend mini retreat to OBX. It was an ideal pairing of exactly what I needed. I love that man! I had been craving some down time and my body new it too. My hip was in full fledged lockdown mode. I knew enough to take the day off from running and found joy in my upcoming weekend plans instead.

Friday: After taking Thursday as an unplanned rest, I woke wanting movement. Cardio wasn’t an option as my hip was worse than the day before. I grabbed my mat and free weights and went all in on a core focused circuit with attention to upper body. I rain through a lower body stretch session as well. Additionally, I loosened the rains on my nutrition and enjoyed a small glass of wine at lunch and chocolate covered treats in the afternoon before tackling more wedding prep.

The Royal Chocolate, Town Center

Saturday: With Shamrock only a month a way, I know that rest and injury prevention trumps any additional mileage at this stage of the game. I was scheduled for 10 miles. I did something some would call radical. I scratched the entire day. I stayed in my robe til mid morning. I drank coffee by the mug fulls. I watched Weekend Today.

Loving my Rae Dunn Bride Mug

We took our time getting ourselves together before heading off on our 24 OBX trip. Dressed in our best cozy clothes, we were there by lunch and I was craving shrimp. We stopped by a local fav on our way to the hotel and grabbed an amazing munchie. 

Cravings, Shrimp and Chips Basket


Valentine’s Gift from Mom, Target

Dinner at Agave Roja was exceptional! One of the best margaritas I have ever had.

Sunday: I naturally woke before the sun completely refreshed. By 6:00 am I had opened the blinds, propped up my pillows and Jason and I watched the sun creep up over the ocean through the clouds. Seeing this view is one of my favorite things. It was worth the trip just for that. Before heading back we explored Corolla’s Historic District.

My body and mind were completely refreshed and relaxed. We spent the afternoon prepping for the week, juicing, and snuggled with the pup.

We are loving our new Harris Teeter. The unique, fresh produce section is on point. Check out this watermelon radish that I sliced for veggie sandwiches later this week. So beautiful!

The entire week was filled with love. The weekend of non running and indulgent eating served me more than a long run could have. I’ll be ready to ease back in and rally for double digits next Saturday, with our training team, which will also be my birthday. I can’t think of a better way to ring in 39!

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