You ARE God’s Gift

Let’s talk a little bit about your talents. If you really are in touch with your talents and gifts, you know they are God given. They are on loan to you and were made for sharing with the rest of the world. In hopes to better others around you.

Your talent or gift may be making lots of money. Are you sharing your riches? Are you teaching others how they can achieve this? My talent is my voice…my words. It isn’t always heard. Often it is read. Right here on this nearly 7-year-old site. My perspective on faith, fitness, and wellness is clearly voiced on my channels. It is my why. When I spend time fostering it or developing it, or sharing it…It is my best yes. I’m learning more about that in Lysa Teurkeurst’s best seller.

“God had given me a gift of this time. My time. My voice. My approach.” 

I’ve had 7 years of writing, 3 of which were heavily dedicated to the development of my craft, audience, and talent. It is ever evolving and I pray it never stops. Saturday brought an impromptu brainstorming session with a member of my team. Before I knew it, a sort of longevity plan manifested itself. It was right on point with why I developed the site in the first place.
After months spent in prayer, I’ve been given another gift. The gift of financial stability that without a doubt will have a positive impact on the little blog that could. It came in a form I never thought, but the important thing is that it came.
Are you currently sharing your talents and gifts….
Have you identified your best yes? Are you praying about your why? Are you praying for a way? Are you listening when you get answers? Are you executing?

How does fitness fit in with your gifts and talents? My friend Kristy wrote about something similar on her site just days ago. Her gift is that she is an expert connector. She’s been given a new role where she is thriving and sharing her skill to better others. She, like me, has a passion for running, but it is not our gift. But because of this passion for running, we can individually use it as a tool to help support the chase towards our own missions.

When you are physically challenging yourself through fitness, you physically get stronger. Did it ever occur to you that what you may be training for physically, is impacting and preparing you for how tough you need to be emotionally? It is part of being your best self. In turn allowing you to offer your best yes. Setting fitness goals like attending a weekly yoga practice or completing a 5k, builds trust within yourself. Builds stamina. Builds strength. You have a new confidence. You can be accountable to structure, and chase something that is important to you. If you can complete a physical task that you sort of want to do, imagine what you could do with that same dedication and drive directed to your own personal why? It then becomes something you must do!

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