God Is Good: Keep Praying For Those Wins

I’ve always been a late bloomer as they say. Late in comparison to others for a first kiss. Late in comparison to others to find my career path. Late in comparison to others to learn many lessons both financially, faithfully, and in fitness. Late in comparison to others to get married. Possibly late in comparison to others to find motherhood. I am not done blooming or learning, nowhere close. It has become clear that I just require a little more time in God’s molding. These moments of waiting have built my trust in him and proven his glory in my blessings. This is what makes the waiting bearable, tolerable, and doable. 

So much of what I do spills over into each and every bucket of my life. I’m always scanning the internet for new workouts, taste testing out new recipes on Jason, and crafting skinny cocktails in my own kitchen…I consider this to be significant research! I even spend time each week praying with clients. I’m eating, sweating, sipping, and most definitely praying my way along this fit life on the regular. The teacher in me prompts me to consistently expand my learnings and share my findings with my tribe. That spirit is what lead me to initially create this virtual space so many years ago.

Professionally, the path has been winding and at times unclear to bystanders. But to me, each step has been intentional and necessary leading to the next one.

This graphic, along with every quote in this post are direct from my mantra board over the past 8 years.

It’s been a year since I’ve been personal training on my own and it’s been a true joy. It took me years to get here, standing on my own two feet. There have been too many financial struggles, copycats, and even naysayers to count. Each creating their own set of challenges. More notable though are the supporters, steadfast friends, family, and now spouse. Now on the other side, I know these circumstances made me tougher, more tolerant, and more determined to keep after it. Proving just how much I really wanted this. Never settling. Learning what is worth negotiating and what I hold as true value.

I started this blog in 2011 and my hopes were to create a business that could ebb and flow with my personal seasons of life. One that would fit and compliment a life as a wife and possibly one day mother. At the time the blog began, there was absolutely no sign of either.

Now I sit, 60+ days from wifehood and if God’s plan for me includes motherhood, I imagine that’s not too far behind. But for today, I’m focused on the now, while paying respect to the rearview mirror. 

My personal training business allows me to offer options attractive to those looking to broaden their health and fitness program. God has been beyond good this past year. And while daily, I struggle and continuously ask for personal guidance, peace, grace, forgiveness, and patience…I acknowledge the long list of items in my gratitude prayers. A list that grows daily. 

Perspective is key to finding joy. Sometimes you must choose to look for it. As do most of us, my clients face illness, divorce, death, motherhood, loss, injury, and even financial/career struggles. That doesn’t make them unique. What does is their ability to dig deep and show up anyway. I consider that to be a form of faith. That is crosstraining. 

That’s the thing about life and fitness. They parallel each other. Some days are easy. Many days are hard, forcing you to keep fighting and praying for those wins! By flexing your muscles for faith and fitness, you’ll attract the tribe and life you really want.

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