Girl Wash Your Face: My Take

So here we go again. I’ve started a new book and with that comes my own take, reflecting upon notes upon notes and interpretation. Girl Wash Your Face was first introduced to me by a client and honestly I thought this was a book for teenage girls. My apologies for the judgemental overture. I think I was the last woman to learn about Rachel Hollis. After heading into B & N, for another health book, I opted instead to purchase GWYF as it was popping up in one social feed after another by women I share common interests with. Not to mention, front and center in the store.  Before flipping the first page, I knew I was reading something good. 70 pages in and it reads so easy! Smooth, very similar to reading excerpts from a familiar blog. And I just adore the references to her Christianity throughout the work!  #relateable

Option mentioned in GWYF is the term lifestyle media. I love that phrase. I have always felt I portrayed my interpretation of a health and fitness lifestyle here. That includes all people/places/things food, fashion, green beauty brands, products, restaurants, and even hair styles that fall under the fitness and/or wellness umbrella.

Rachel shares a fair portrayal of lifestyle imagery in her channels. Proving that at times those images of living a certain way are achievable and sometimes there are days of dispare. Nearly 8 years ago I made a conscious decision to do the same on my channels when it comes to my fit lifestyle. There are days I’m feeling a strong ab game and days I’m bloated to the max. Days my skin has that nice post workout glow and days I struggle to even get a shower. Because like my readers and clients, I’m human. I’m messy. I’m busy. I’m striving to be the best (fill in your own noun here) I can be. And folks, each day just looks different! I’ve gained followers for my ability to be vulnerable and I’ve lost some for not having pretty posts or looking enough of the part. That’s ok. I’m glad those who follow me are following me for the right reasons. And if you opted for the mute or unfollow button, it’s cool you decided I’m not a good fit for your feed.

Like Rachel, I get emails and questions asking how I keep it together and I’m like…ugh did you miss the post about my anxiety ?My weight gain? My kitchen burn trying to slay a new recipe? Back to the question…I think my answer to them would simply be, because I choose to keep it together. I choose to seek out the good when all hell breaks loose. I choose to pray when I’m overwhelmed. I choose to release all my emotions to Jason in the safety net of our kitchen table so I don’t go ballistic in public. I choose to remove myself from situations and relationships that just aren’t jiving. I choose to spend more time with the people who are. That is where I give my Yes’s. 

That possibly may be the secret, but the choice isn’t always easy. Make it anyway! Negotiate your own yes’s. Think of it like ordering from a menu. Some days you order the nice, clean, green, no croutons salad. You walk out confident, feeling great, in control and strong. Some days you order the loaded fries, all the toppings and wonder why a few hours later you feel terrible and have no energy. Trust me, I’m well aware that some days require the fries or in my case the cookie case at Whole Foods…but I digress.

Look within and see what choices you are making. I would venture to say the choices you are making are responsible for your current situation…physically or emotionally. That’s fantastic news! That means you can change it! You can craft the outcome you want with your own choice. Create rules that work for your mess, your season, your reason. So friend, what will you decide to do first? I am deciding to keep reading…

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