Forget Balance

Try not to think of your life so much as a balance scale. Opt for an outlook more in terms of a pie chart, one that ebbs and flows as needed.

I’ve participated in that balance wheel exercise many times before. At one time it seemed to make sense to me. And I think the purpose of it makes sense. It brings awareness to different, individual pockets of your life. The idea is to help you identify the areas of your life that need more/less attention. To help you create BALANCE! In my wise age of 38, I have realized that the more I add to my plate, the more I try to juggle and redistribute the “weight” on the scale. It is exhausting and frankly insanity inducing. If you have tried crow pose before, then you know what I am talking about!

Above all what I have realized, is that when it comes to your own life, balance isn’t necessary. This isn’t yoga class and life shouldn’t feel like a tight rope walk! Balance is completely BS. Sorry for the inferred foul language…but there is simply no other way to say it. Balance is BS! It sounds so fluffy and pretty but think about it for a second. I refuse to believe that all areas of my life should receive equal attention. Sometimes your family requires more…as it should, sometimes it may be your business/job calling for more attention, sometimes it may be your faith that needs the time, or your health. I believe we should put our energy in the areas of life that call for it. Those areas that deserve it. For example, if you spent the same time each day eating as you do sleeping, you would probably not be healthy right? Same goes for exercise. You probably don’t spend as much time in the gym as you do in the office. Otherwise you might become physically strong and financially weak. Some pockets of our life take more time. To me, that makes sense. I think the key is to keep all pieces of the pie in action. Rearranging and negotiating as needed. Mine is something like this… an unequal, mis-shapen, irregular puzzle that somehow fits perfectly?! into one pretty little mess.


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