Fall Flavored Breakfast and Fitness Notes

Sunday morning is usually my morning of rest, coffee, leisure, some cooking, and writing. After a summer of celebrations and one major setback, I am in desperate need of all of those things. With a 3 day weekend on deck, I know I will get it! As I gather my thoughts and prep for the finale of summer,  I notice the amount of awareness I have while putting some routine recipes together. Everything on my grocery list is real food! Fall is coming and it makes me want to eat and cook cozy comfort food…especially when football is in the background and long slow cardio begins to occupy our weekend fitness calendar. It occurred to me that eating healthy can still allow for some indulgent flavors. Also, it goes hand in hand with one of daily prayer requests right now…nourish!

Let’s start that process with some fall flavored breakfast items!

A few years ago, I came across this pumpkin spice at one of my shopping trips to Trader Joe’s. (Word on the street is our local store will be stocked with all things pumpkin starting September 4!) I have been using the said spice mix to flavor my morning oatmeal and coffee each fall. Yummy! Go ahead, get creative and use it in your next coffee!


1 cup of brewed coffee

1 tsp of Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Spice

1 shot of almond/coconut milk

1 tsp maple syrup

1 tsp vanilla extract


Combine together in a Vitamix or Magic Bullet, the beverage will become frothy and foamy. It smells like fall and tastes delish!


I love to make things on Sunday that I can eat off of for the week. My breakfast go to has been Egg Muffins. I made them last week with egg whites and fresh seasonal veggies. For added protein line the muffin tin with lean deli turkey.


1/2 cup chopped mushrooms

1/2 cup onions/leeks

1/2 cup shaved brussels sprouts/collards/kale

6-8 egg whites, based on egg size

*optional 1 tbsp cheese sprinkled on top of each muffin

*substitute any veggies that you enjoy more 


 Combine ingredients in a bowl. Season with salt/pepper. Use a little olive oil to grease the tin. Fill each muffin tin cup 3/4 way full. Bake on 450 and watch closely. Makes 9-12 muffins

With these healthy recipes in the TFP approved arsenal, you will be ready to take on the week. By making the food myself, I am in tune with what I am putting in my body, and what I am leaving out.

Eat to live, not live to eat.

Between a revised nutrition and fitness plan with plenty of LSD (long slow distance via walk/run), I am beginning to feel more like myself.  I internally feel her and physically can recognize her too. A new one that is stronger somehow, but yet softer too. I have let go of the old emotional self. Parts of the previous version simply don’t serve me anymore. The expectations have once again changed. They have once again evolved. I have learned and loved a lot this summer, triumphed over loss/adversity even with uncertainty, and am motivated to find strength in new ways and in new places. The time has come to dig deep (been here before…which is how I know I can do it again). Sad, scared, and unsure of the next turn, but I am venturing forward anyhow. This time I have the most amazing partner by my side and a God who has proven to be in control. I immediately turned it all over to him and this time, I have no desire to pick up the burden. I am trusting him completely. I originally signed into my blog today to look up some recipes, instead I was smacked in the face with an old post from 2013. A training journal below graced my screen with a major reminder that I had brought myself back to life after a rough time a few years ago. My recent trauma brings with it higher stakes but also brings a stronger faith muscle. If I have done it before, I will do it again!


*This post was originally drafted and published in 2013. I am choosing to keep the original training notes attached below. As I made edits and updates to this post, I could vividly remember the below run. I consciously decided to keep these as a reminder of: 1. what was once important 2. proof of a comeback and strength I manifested from a previously broken spirit 3. proof of maturity and growth as I willingly abandoned what didn’t serve me in the longterm and held dear to what still does

I ran in the park on Saturday. My training schedule called for a 7 mile run at 10-11 minute pace. At the 1/2 way point I was to see how I felt and if it made sense, I would turn it up a little. Saturday morning I woke up to 65 degree weather. I was excited and couldn’t wait to hit the trail. I got to the park around 7 am. I knew if I ran to the visitor center off of the main trail and back, that would put me right around 7 miles. I started out with my easy pace. My Nike app was chiming in with updates alerting me of a 10:47 pace. The trail was cool and I had to consciously keep myself slow and wait for the 1/2 way point. Sure enough as I made my way to the visitor center, blazing through the trail on his bike was Jerry Frostick. A high five and good job was exchanged. It was just the perfect amount of motivation. Minutes later, my other coach, Ryan Carroll came running towards me. I was rewarded with another, “Great job!” If you want the ultimate in ACCOUNTABILITY….run where the coaches are, you never know when they will show up 🙂 As I approached my turn around, the Final Kick Elite group zoomed past me. It was awesome seeing so many friends in the park all working on our different goals…with one in common of health and fitness through our training. I arrived at the visitor center at about 39 minutes. I felt so great, I knew I would be able to pick it up and head back. I restarted the clock and decided to “race” against myself to beat the 39 minutes. I was able to “push” the entire way back to my car coming in at 35 minutes. I felt GREAT!!!! I was astonished by two things in this workout. One was that I was running so well after just finishing a 1/2 the week before. In the past after a 1/2, I would still be recovering days later. The other thing that surprised me was what I was able to do on the turn around, pushing hard all the way back. I am becoming more aware of the threshold of what I can do in a workout. Like my coach says, that is what these practice runs are for. Push during training, that way if you “bonk”…then we know before race day. But I didn’t bonk. I am SHOCKED and THRILLED with myself. It is amazing what you can do when you listen to your coaches and do exactly what they say. Again, I stress…by listening to these experts (Jerry, Ryan, And Jim) and following the plan,  I am able to keep improving and am feeling great 🙂

After my run I was rewarded with some awesome messages from each of my coaches.  I will hold on to that encouragement as I bump up the running this week to 25 miles and 4 days of running!!!

Keep Going



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