Cucumber Cocktail Recipe

Who says Friday at home have to be boring?  Friday’s are usually grocery day for my house. Today’s grocery trip took me to my local Fresh Market. Many great items were competitively priced to my liking.

Mangos $1

Greek yogurt  $1

A large container of fresh salsa for $2.99

A piece of sashimi grade tuna for $5.99

Split chicken breast buy one get one free

FullSizeRender 3
Seaweed salad from the bar, Sashimi from the case, and Mango Chunks

Earlier that day, I spent time researching and practicing for an internet story regarding alcohol and the calories consumed. As I wandered down the beverage inner isle I grabbed a couple new items to get my fridge and pantry ready for some petite cocktails.I’ve been cutting the alcohol waaayyyyy back some new “mixers” I had eyed on the shelf had me intrigued.

LaCroix Sparkling Water

Mr. Q Cumber Soda 

I decided to experiment with the Mr. Q Cumber Soda. After a little math in My Fitness Pal, it turns out my mixing paid off for a lower calorie option for toasting. 110 calories to be exact! Holla!!!!

Cucumber Cocktail Recipe

1/2 a bottle Mr Q Cumber

1 ounce vodka

1 slice of lime, squeezed


Just like that a new petite cocktail was born!

The new sipper paired well with the salsa I had purchased and Ak-Mak crackers from my pantry. It was the perfect light weight, take the edge of, toastable treat.

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