Crunchy Carrot Review: 3 Ways To Integrate Juice

Juicing! A buzz word that is trending these days. Should I, shouldn’t I ? How should I? Where should I? I get these questions often. When Jason and I travel, we always are on the hunt for the locals favorite juice bar and coffee shop. 

The Juice Bar, Corolla Fall 2017

At home, we have been known to craft up our own kitchen concoctions. But we love supporting establishments in our own town as well. Over the past year we have become friendly customers of Crunchy Carrot. Usually we visit them at the Old Beach Farmer’s Market and grabbing a juice or two after our Saturday run. On a daily basis you can visit Crunchy Carrot at their home on Shore Drive, inside the Leaping Lizard Cafe

Always on the hunt to learn more myself, I partnered up with the owner of  Crunchy Carrot, Megan Riggs, to get to the bottom of this concept. Below, I have squeezed out some facts, as well as a few of my favorite ways to integrate juice into your diet.


1. The health benefits. I like to think of juice as a surge of nutrients. Drink yourself healthy! Who doesn’t like juice? It is perfect for all ages. Countless ingredient combinations and recipes to satisfy even the pickiest eater.  The juices from Crunchy Carrot are fresh, are packed to the brim with flavor and are easy to consume on the go! 

Heading out with a 6 pack!

2. The convenience of grabbing pre-made. Pre-made food can often be a calorie trap or a dumping ground for low quality ingredients. Crunchy Carrot uses many locally sourced ingredients and has relationships with local farmers to insure the best possible produce options. It can take a lot of time and work to cut fruits and veggies at home. Not to mention the pulpy mess. Crunchy Carrot does all the work for you. 

In my personal and professional opinion, juicing should be a compliment to your meal, not a substitute. If you are thinking of giving it a try, here are a few ways to incorporate juicing into your daily healthy life. 


1. Try adding a juice to your breakfast. If you grab a couple hard boiled eggs and a fresh juice, you have a satisfying complete meal or mid morning snack. Try the Kickstarter packed with cantaloupe, lime, and jalapeno to jump start your day the immune boosting way! 


2. Post workout. Some juices that feature ingredients like watermelon or coconut can serve as a perfect electrolyte replenisher after a good sweat. The signature Crunchy Carrot juice contains tumeric which helps fight against inflammation. What better way to reward yourself and enjoy the benefits of your sweat session! 

Crunchy Carrot

3. Makeover your happy hour. Try sipping on something sweet like a Lavendar Lemonade (Alkaline water, lemon, lavender, and stevia) or a Radiant Rose (Rose water, lemon, agave). If a libation is what you’re seeking, toss in some organic tequila or a dash of Rose’ for your twist on a “clean cocktail.”  

Go see my friend Megan and belly up to the bar of the Crunchy Carrot for yourself. She would love to educate you further on the benefits of juice. 

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