Friday Faves: Crockpots and Cardigans

What a week! Slightly sidelined from my normal running routine, but still so much to reflect on and several things I am loving about the first few days of fall.

Coffee Dates

There is something to be said about a g-friend calling and offering to take you for coffee. Not drinks, but coffee. It is a sign of kindness, a symbol or care, and a gesture of love. Coffee instead of cocktails offers the idea of devoted attention and a quiet place to gather, chat, listen, and learn. I ended my week with a long coffee and breakfast date with one of dearest gals. Nothing else to focus on other than the time to sit, relax, and reflect


Capri Blue Candles

If you have entered A. Dodson’s, Anthropologie, or Bevello recently then you know the familiar scent I am referring to. These candles are simply amazing. The Volcano candle smell is tantalizing and I can’t get enough. For less than $15, they are worth the splurge for home. Due to an amazing gift card from A. Dodson’s, I have curled up every night this week with this fave perfectly lit to close out my day.


Mixed Textures

I love this fall weather. It is the season for layering. Denim, wool, boots, flannels, leggings and more! When I am not in my favorite athlesuire outfit, I love to layer  my leggings or skinnies with flowy tops and a denim jacket. A good alternative is a long cardigan. Here is one I couldn’t pass up from Forever 21. This new fall staple is perfect to toss over my sweats in between workouts and errands. The wool and lace textile mixture has me going crazy and I can barely wait to wrap up in it.



This has been a secret of mine for years! When I was a kid I would love to come home after school or practice to a warm meal. I loved it even more when Mom used the crockpot to make it. The entire house would smell so yummy. I have been using that same trick since I first lived on my own after college. It is ideal for families or for feeding one. On Sunday, I usually break out my crockpot to help create my meals for the week. From roasting an entire chicken or to making a hearty soup, it is ideal for mass meal prep on the easy. I have two crockpots, 1 for smaller batches and 1 for large dishes. Check out my Pinterest board for some amazing recipes I am trying this season. My CP is def one of my favorite kitchen tools .


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