Creating Healthy Boundaries Not Resolutions

The word boundaries keeps popping up for me these days. For me, that word is so definitive. It is both bold and clear. It can be a tough word, either to hear or say. The action of honoring a boundary can be the hardest or bravest of all. I took to the internet to see what wise wordsmiths had to say about the topic of boundaries.

Work, finances, relationships, fitness, ourselves…and even who/what we follow on the internet requires healthy boundaries !!!

Sometimes we need to separate things from ourselves to keep a boundary. And sometimes, equally perhaps, WE need to be the ones to step away.

As per usual, my blogs come from real life situations or situations my tribe members might encounter. Lately some examples have looked like this: When a friendship becomes too one sided. When our usual and once enjoyable training isn’t fun anymore. When that restrictive eating plan is causing more stress than satisfaction.

We are creeping into a new year and December days comes in an ever changing pace of rapid motion or a long slow drag. As we get closer to those NYE celebrations consider this. What if instead of resolutions, we created healthier boundaries?

I’m taking on a few personal training clients virtually at the beginning of the new year. This month I am enjoying the time I get to spend diving deep with them. There is a wonderful space of growth and vulnerability I get to witness in a person right before they begin a new fitness journey. I find myself sharing a reminder to:

1. Give grace to yourself, especially over the next few weeks. Allow and Identify those undesirable behaviors and habits. Now is not the time to change them, instead be mindful of them. The time for change is approaching.

2. Create a healthy boundary for yourself. Don’t tell that neighbor to skip you on holiday cookie delivery this year. Her signature fudge or gingerbread is how she shows her love and appreciation. Don’t take that opportunity away from her. Have a cookie for heavens sake! By months end you will have grown tired of Christmas cookies and cocktails on your own and will be ready physically, spiritually, and emotionally for those sweat filled days to come.


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