Coziness and Cardio: I remember when I prayed for the things I have now

I slept in today. All the way to 6:18. That’s nearly an hour more than my normal. I am a stickler for routine when it comes to wake up times. However, there are times we require more rest and I have learned to obey that need from within myself. I didn’t sleep well due to crazy dreams probably brought on by a heavily indulgent meal at one of my favorite restaurants. It was my annual Christmas shopping night with Dad. A night I never worry about portion sizes or question if I should or should have dessert… or that second cocktail.

The finale to our 4 course meal at Aldo’s. Pictured is the sea salt caramel gelato, a slice of Chambord cheesecake, and my second glass of Malbec.

I had openness in my day and knew I would get my cardio in at some point it just wasn’t going to be an early am session. Surprisingly, I found myself nestled into my favorite corner of the couch, opposite of Mil. My young living diffuser was going with scents of lemon and a little leftover clove. Uggs were on, coffee was in hand and music filled the background.

A cold December morning well spent

What could be a more perfect morning and it wasn’t even the weekend. You may find it indulgent that I have moments like this. I find it fantastic. Years of struggle, hustle, praying, and practicing for the life I wanted.

It’s a testimony to God. He did this and I enjoy and embrace the moments I get to observe his work and show gratitude. 

It wasn’t until I reached for a design book on my coffee table, a gift from Mom last Christmas, that I realized what a glorious morning it was. I flipped the pages and thoroughly enjoyed the honest decorating advice this book provided. The blend of perfectly stylized photos alongside the afters of the authors lived in home. I love a good photo shoot and have had a few over the years to showcase the blog.

As I mature in both experience and taste, the need for those pics aren’t as important to me anymore. I’m not sure I will ever stop documenting my life. I find it fascinating. A sense of my own personal history. I now enjoy the in action moments more and am practicing being more present. The idea of the latergram is amazing. It allows me to be completely in the moment, with the option to share later.

My memories are formed from my reality. I probably will still opt for the most flattering angle of myself when taking pics…and I’m thrilled to have learned about natural lighting techniques 🙂 but the hours of staged photos I would try to master in my earlier blogger years is out. This isn’t a site with the prettiest pictures or even the best grammar. It’s a site with some really great workouts, some deliciously healthy food creations, and a site that is packed with wellness inspo!

I’m so comfortable here. I find it cozy. This space. My pages. I’ve built it. It’s become an extension of myself. It is my journey and it has included all the hills, mud puddles, and the wins. It warms my heart and brings a lump in my throat when I look back on these past 8 years. I’ve learned so much about fitness as a passion and a craft. I’ve identified so many things about myself during this time. I think it has been the most formative of my years. My faith grew to a strength I couldn’t have imagined. I became very clear about what love really is.

#family Pre-thanksgiving, proof that she does what she wants especially during photo time

I am giddy thinking about the next 8 years as I introduce married life, hopefully motherhood, and how I will learn to weave fitness and healthy living into my own little family life.

No matter where you jumped in on my journey or your own, thank you for being here and letting this site be a place you enjoy visiting. Stick around! It just seems to get better and better as I grow !

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