Clear The Junk January

I spent the morning in a New Year’s Eve flow. My third pause for meditation since Saturday. It always brings me perspective while bringing me into the present. It is a wonderful way to identify the junk from the jewels floating around upstairs. I wrote the below post before I went, but as I knew it would, the flow brought forth a few more additions I needed to add to the piece. 

Post yoga fuel. Power green bowl at home.

I use the term junk loosely. The concept of  #ClearTheJunkJanuary is to rid yourself of the things that aren’t serving you in this current season. This may mean a complete purge for you or a simple boundary. Maybe your dessert intake over the holidays was heavy. Perhaps weekend happy hours have become a nightly occurrence. Could you be spending too much time scrolling or getting trapped in a social media feed that is anything but soul serving? For me, clearing the junk refers to a little of all that. And a few other things. I plan to #ClearTheJunkJanuary by ridding my internal dialogue of negative self talk. The cocktails will more than likely come to a halt as well. They simply aren’t serving me.  I’m clearing out junk from my head, heart, and health this month and I’m replacing each with a better alternative.

Clear The Information Intake Junk

I talk a lot about information intake. Where are you getting yours from? When are you seeking it?  What is the tone of the delivery? Think of where you go online and who you spend time listening to. Can you monitor or limit your interaction with those sources? This could mean hitting the unfollow button, the mute button, or unfriend. Simply put, would you have a cup of coffee with this person or stop for chat if you saw them in the coffee shop? Would you even recognize them in person verses the internet? Look at your instagram and Pinterest the same way. Are you following untouchable ideals of reality? What types of pictures are they posting? Is it one selfie after another? Are all the images professionally shot? What are you posting? Is your feed filled with spiritual innovators, encouragement officers, and motivational models!?

Clear The Emotional Junk

This one will be the toughest for me because it requires retraining of patterned behavior. When I find myself judging, begrudging, or beating myself up for a number of reasons, I’ll meditate. I’ll pray. I’ll breath. Jason and I are members of the Unbeatable Mind Community and love the stash of online yoga and meditation classes available. I ended my weekend with a 14 minute meditation and yoga session Sunday evening. What a great way to set the tone. 

Clear The Cocktail Junk

There were many wine and champagne bottles opened in December. I don’t even consider myself a regular wine drinker, and my go to is usually a martini…but somehow I was sucked in to the vortex of a nearly nightly glass of red or two. Moving forward, if I need a nighttime sipper, I will turn to hot tea or a fresh creation from my new juicer. With half marathon training picking up and my January schedule full, I will be better served with nutrient dense, high energy, healing foods. My gut, skin, and muscles need to recovery and I am digging this plan. Buying cold pressed juices is one of Jason and I’s favorite treats. We love visiting the local juice bars in Virginia Beach and in new places we travel too. Now we are enjoying seasonal mocktails anytime we want! We have been researching new recipes and their benefits. I have been using ingredients like celery, lemons, citrus, ginger root, and apples. Ideal for busy mornings or as post workout hydration and replenishment. Juicing is an addition to my nutrition program NOT a meal replacement. PROTIP: Use the leftover juice pulp to make soup, hummus, or for baking.

Would you consider making a cocktail similar swap? What if you just tried it for just one of your weekly happy hours? How do you think you would feel? Could you do it twice a week? In full disclosure, I am not giving up alcohol nor am I suggesting that. Extra dirty, extra olive martinis are life! I am simply turning it back into an activity that involves celebration. A date night, a birthday, a wedding. Make the things you put in your body work for you! 

Clear The Way For Growth

Bring perspective to your health, cheers yourself! Celebrate tonight. Remember all you’ve done in 2018 and prepare to clear the way for more growth in 2019!

Happy NYE from our party animal to yours!


*Celebrities Who Don’t Drink

Blake Lively

Shania Twain

Jennifer Lopez

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