Cleaner Craft Cocktails

If you know me well, then you know I love a good craft cocktail. Especially the ones with simple, local, clean ingredients. I love them so much, I featured two favs at our wedding this month.

I adore these custom bar signs from our wedding, Hazel and Grace Illustrations. The perfect way to showcase our cocktails!

Now, I am sharing a few at home bar staples to keep you prepped for your next bar slinging session.

At home bar supplies…

Include any other fun seasonal produce you may have, get creative, get crafty! Have fun! (If you post, remember to tag me and share the recipe)

Cocktails are always a part of a well rounded nutrition program. We are a social tribe (cue a girls night) and swishing around a short glass with ice is relaxing and refreshing.

How to sip smarter…

  1. Ditch the mixes! Wine coolers and frozen daiquiris are so 1990’s! Stock your kitchen with flavored waters, fresh fruit, and crystalized fruit powders like these True Lemon flavored packets. They are ideal for a quick cocktail or even when traveling. They make for a nice compliment to your trusty tap water or those stand by La Croix as well.
  2. Keep it clean and clear. Vodkas and tequilas are the cleanest when it comes to summer sipping. Lower in calorie too, under 100 to be exact. I always have a bottle of Tito’s and Casamigos Blanco chilled in the freezer. 
  3. Need a sweeter option. Agave or local honey is optimal for sweetening those bevy’s. Not too mention, hold healing powers that inflammation inducing sugar can’t match. Did you know honey packs a wellness punch with benefits like: antioxidants, antibacterial, and antifungal.

By learning about what ingredients you like, you will be able to order like a pro at your next outing. Many local restaurants in VB offer amazing farm to table offerings, which includes craft cocktails. Check them out on yelp!

Also, feel free to order exactly what you would like if you don’t see it on the menu. Our resort in Bermuda became familiar with my nightly number and mastered it on the first try.

Tequila, extra limes, a tiny dash of triple sec (I would have used agave at home) well shaken and over ice. That’s it!

From a pier to a party, you can take control of how you sip and enjoy the good stuff without extra calories, ingredients, or headaches. Cheers to that!

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