Christmas 2017: A symbol of big love, big light, and big adventures ahead.

Christmas 2017 that’s a wrap. Jason snagged this picture around 5:30 on Christmas morning. A little shot of our wonderful Christmas. A simply little tree that seems to symbolize a big love, big light, and big adventures ahead.

Christmas Morning 2017

Per usual, I spent December 2016 surrounded by family.  I slept and ate my way right up to New Years Eve. That is the night I nestled in with a massive bowl of homemade muscles primavera for 1 and a bottle of Veuve. It was on NYE I toasted to myself…out with the old and in with the new. I carefully constructed a vision for 2018 and beyond. Just 12 short months ago, but so much was uncertain at that time. The only thing that was clear was my vision and my trust in God to help get me there.

As I begin to pack up Christmas 2017, I sought after that 2017 vision board. To say a good amount of prayer went into these wishes would be an understatement. To say a large amount of gratitude has been expressed since receiving them would not be suffice.

2017 Vision Board

During 2017 Christmas Eve church service we were reminded that God can and will bring you a life even far greater than you could ever have imagined. During the message, I had to fight back a few tears. 2011 to 2017 was rocky. It was an unsure time. I knew I was being broken, even molded. I was growing. I was becoming strong. It was scary. I felt unsure. At times I even felt alone. And often, I was in prayer. When the world seemed unclear and solitary, my time in prayer helped me feel heard and assured.

As I turn my attention toward 2018, my talks with God continue. I witnessed what he did in 2017 and can’t even comprehend what is ahead. My boldness is evident. My wishes and dreams for myself, my family, and my business are large. And so is my trust, my faith, my conviction. I no longer feel scared. I no longer feel alone. I no longer feel unsure. I simply feel lead.

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