Cherry Vanilla, Cardamom Muffins

I woke up feeling a bit gluttonous and spoiled. I am trying to turn that into some gratitude and giving instead. Writing and cooking help me gain perspective. More on the cooking below 🙂 After a 4 mile power walk by the ocean yesterday morning, we started our Christmas shopping. We made the lists (for each other) and the few family and friends we will buy for. We are not asking for a thing since everyone is being so generous participating in our wedding between parties, showers, dresses, hotel rooms, and the big event itself! That is the most perfect gift of all! I am very much aware of how full I feel inside my heart this season, and that feeling comes from things that can’t be bought. Even Jason and I are finding it hard to shop for each other as we are blessed to have what we need and more. I feel sure a few fitness and wellness related items will make their way under our tree. If you are shopping for a health minded friend, check out this post I wrote when I was asked about local fitness finds. 

Now more about the muffin recipe I cultivated Sunday morning…Pandora Christmas Jazz in the background!

Does any one else have to put a mandate on their husband for eating all the fresh baked goodies? It brings me so much joy to cook for Jason. I love doing it and I love how much he appreciates it and enjoys each meal. Whenever I bake a batch of anything, I find myself giving a gentle little reminder to leave me some 🙂 Especially when there is purpose to my planning in those weekday meals. “Out of the dozen muffins could you leave me 5 so I have breakfast this week?” He chuckles and graciously agrees. 

It is the last day of Thanksgiving Staycation and I am not sure why am I rushing. I love a morning workout. It sets the tone for the day and feels like the appropriate thing to do after our amazing dinner last night. However…there is something to be said for fuzzy slippers, a pot of coffee, and the time to get to some of those recipe I have saved on Pinterest. Many of which are inline with my winter training needs. As far as training, I am enjoying putting the finishing touches on my training plan and look forward to sharing aspects of it soon. I will have 15 weeks of regimented routine. That sounds a bit harsh as I actually am already craving it now. 

Speaking of cravings…

One of the ways I’ll amp up my carb intake for this half is with a weekly muffin bake. I know I don’t need nearly as many carbs as I’d like to think I do 🙁  The pizza and pasta loading may be enjoyable, but not often necessary except maybe for those double digit days! To keep me fueled for longer miles and more workouts in general, a mid morning power muffin is the perfect snack for pre workout or recovery. It works for Shalane right? Like her, I’m packing mine full of goodness including a little fat and protein. If you like spiced baked goods, this one is for you! *You can easily sub ginger or cacao instead of cardamom for a different flavor. Or simply leave it out all together. You do you! 


Preheat the oven to 400. Mix dry ingredients in a bowl, set aside. Mix wet ingredients in a bowl, set aside. Grease the muffin tin. Combine all ingredients into one bowl. Fill tins 3/4 full. Should yield 10-12 muffins. *Optional, add 1 dried, unsweetened cherry to the top of each muffin. Bake for 20 minutes. Take out and dump from tin. Let cool, enjoy!


Recipe Inspo:

The Fit Petite Eats, Baked Board

Savory Simple, Cherry Vanilla Muffins

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