Bulletproof Coffee

There’s a lot of research and opinions when you begin to look into this popular morning beverage. When I first learned of the “trendy” morning bev several years ago, I couldn’t imagine how oil or butter in your coffee could be a good thing. But now…

While it was designed to accompany an entire bulletproof diet program, I enjoy it as part of my own day to day dietary plan.

Coffee can be a vehicle for added sugar and processed creamers. This version of a creamy coffee drink is anything by that. Instead it is a carrier of anti inflammatory agents, healthy fats, and of course caffeine. If you are finding it hard to get in your daily fats, this is an enjoyable way to do so. Popular among healthy skin minded individuals. As well as that, this beverage is absolutely satiating. Those fats get your brain going and keep you feeling fuller longer than regular black coffee. I notice I don’t need as much of the good stuff when I make it this way.

If you are a calorie counter, the number may scare you. My thoughts on the total….I’m not as interested in how many calories a recipe contains as much as I am concerned about what is in the recipe and the benefits it can provide.

If you want to give my version a try, here you go! I hope you enjoy this sunny start to your day.


1 cup black coffee

1 tbsp coconut oil

1 tsp ghee(I swapped butter for ghee in my kitchen staples a little over a year ago and never looked back)

1/2 tbsp turmeric

1/2 tbsp cinnamon

Blend for 45 sec. Enjoy the frothy golden beverage!

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